August 24, 2010

Red Light Restaurant

They brought me this dish as a petit gift, I liked the gesture (I think it was tilapia, not sure)

I like that picture composition, but I like the food more than how the photos came out, actually a lot more. Red Light was recommended to me by the first group of girls that took the Cuba Bonita Food Tour. I remember they were very nice and one of them said "have you ever been at Red Light?" - I responded no, and the months went by...

Well, a great restaurant recommendation by another foodie never leaves my head and although this place is very hard to spot (I have probably passed down Red Light a million times), one time I made the effort to find it - and I did obviously -  that is why I am writing this (gosh it is almost 2:00 AM and I am loosing the sparks).

little red smoker, fish dip

Little red smoker, fish dip & flat bread

What an unexpected dip this was, the consistency nothing I would have expected (you'll be able to get a better idea by watching the video below). I was not sure how a more liquid dip would go with me, but I liked it. I was a bit disappointed with the "flat bread" because I think they do not make it homemade as I thought when I read the description of the dish, I think they are the ones you buy at Whole Foods (a turn off). Nonetheless for $6 it was an intelligent choice and a new experience  -so it was worth it.

bbq shrimp & dip bread

BBQ shrimp & dip bread

If you only knew how this taste, you would be going to Red light tomorrow. It is such a different type of cuisine to me, I was told this is "New Orleans" style. The sauce would win a 10 stars on my scale, it was bold, sweet and perfectly salted, mysterious, comforting, like if I would have been held by Madre Teresa type of comfort feeling (wow, now I am delusional, is late), but this is how it tasted, I am just making it short for you.

chocolate cake

Chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. I am sure there was no need for a title, I mean, even a monkey can guess this one.

Nothing special, I should have spent my calories on another entree, but wanted to end on a sweet note, this was not the right choice though, just up a tiny notch than the cake you get at publix.

Want to see the texture of the dishes? Important if you ask me - watch the video

Red Light

7700 Biscayne Boulevard

Miami, FL 33138-5132

(305) 757-7773

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