June 29, 2014



OTC is a restaurant in the Brickell area dedicated to serving modern American cuisine combined with Asian and Pacific influences. By offering inventive and whimsical fare and an extensive craft beer and wine program, OTC has managed to create a fun and social atmosphere that sets it apart from other restaurants in the area. The interior is quite simple and inviting, alluding to the non-pretentious vibe that they are trying to achieve. This is somewhat different from the other restaurants in Brickell that focus more on the décor than on the actual food. On the other hand, what I have been able to sample from OTC stands up well to some of the better American-cuisine driven restaurants in Miami.

Executive Chef Jacob Anaya’s take on America’s favorite bar food is elevated and can even be considered sophisticated. The Thai chicken wings, doused in thai chili sauce and served with a cabbage-papaya slaw is a blending of cultures that appeals to gastronomes in many aspects. The chicken wing is meaty and adequately sized, standing up to the sweetness and mild heat from the chili sauce. Instead of being a heat that punches you in the mouth, consider the spiciness from these wings to be more akin to a love tap that just hints to you that it is there but doesn’t overpower the other flavors. The dominant flavor here is that of the actual chicken, which is of high quality and remains juicy and satisfying. What caught me completely off-guard was the slaw. Compared to your usual mayo-heavy slaw, this slaw is vinegar based and packs quite a punch. Inspired by the thai papaya salad “Som Tam,” this slaw is refreshing while still relying on the sweetness of the somewhat unripe papaya and a bit of chili to round out the fusion of flavors. Along with the chicken wings, the rest of the menu is locally sourced and has something to appeal to everyone. Standouts include the Piggy 3 Ways, a combination of pork belly, pork meatballs, sausage, braised beans, and swiss chard; Koran Style Chicken and Waffles; and the OTC Burger, made with tampeura beef cheeks, fontina, tomato jam, and dijonnaise.

OTC’s menu pairs perfectly with its well thought out beverage program, which is based around a varied selection of draft craft beers. With at least a dozen rotating taps, OTC has what I consider the best beer selection in Brickell. Not only that, but OTC consistently hosts events such as tap takeovers to please their beer and food loving clientele.


1250 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130
(305) 374-4612

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona

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