August 27, 2011

Oishi Thai In North Miami

Every time I go to an Asian restaurant, side note;  I hate that Miami has these type of restaurants that offer "Japanese Thai " or "Thai Chinese" or " Thai Vietnamese" - I mean, either you are one thing or another, and if  you have on your menu dishes from three different cultures you have no identity and doubt you are good at any of them, but that is Miami for you.

Oishi Thai: "I never knew that Thai cuisine includes sushi or rolls" - but I take it all in because what can you do. I was dying for a spicy tuna roll and I was driving in North Miami on Biscayne Blvd and spot Oishi Thai on the side of the road so I make a stop and again, sat all by myself. I was received with a big smile, I like to be received at a restaurant by the hostess with little attitude and genuine smile, after all I am about to leave here my hard earning dollars so a smile should come as default but is rare to find those in Miami.

Spicy Tuna Roll

Not bad and that is a lot to say for me because after living in San Francisco for more than a decade, is hard to find reasonably priced Japanese food in Miami. This roll was perfectly balanced as I hate when you get these rolls that have a pound and a half of rice, and oh boy when the rice is all sticked together forming a mass of tasteless ball is like I feel throwing one y one to the chefs behing the sushi bar just right from my table I would be like "here, you want to try to swallow this?" Anyways, I know, there is rage on my writing today , I am not in a good mood.

Overall this roll was good, I won't give it a rounded 10 but it deserves an 8 by Miami standars. Now Oishi Thai is very expensive in my opinion, not so much for their rolls but anything else on the menu you would think you are at the W hotel dinning when, sorry, you are in a strip mall at a not so hip neighborhood.

Oishi Thai

14841 Biscayne Blvd

North Miami, FL 33181


 Written by Grace Della

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