May 02, 2016

Oh My Gosh! Brigadeiros

DSC_0084 copyBrigadeiros

Oh My Gosh! Brigadeiros is an absolutely apt name for the Gables bakery slinging out this wonderful Brazilian treats. After talking to the owner, he mentioned that people would eat his Brigadeiros and exclaim “OH. MY. GOSH!” He know he had stumbled into the perfect name for his business. It’s cute, quirky, and a very literal representation of what comes to a person’s mind of sampling these confections.

Brigadeiros are normally small truffle-like Brazilian confections made from condensed milk, butter, and chocolate. They are rolled into balls and usually coated in chocolate sprinkles. While traditional Brigadeiros are extremely delicious and decadent, Oh My Gosh! takes them the gourmet route and offers them in creative flavors and presentations. By making sophisticated versions of his home’s beloved treat, the owner at Oh My Gosh! Brigadeiros hopes to make the brigadeiro more accessible and known to the American public. “Most people walking in don’t even know what Brigadeiros are. But once they try one, they’re hooked. We become a part of their rotation like truffles, cupcakes, and ice cream.”

The interior of the shop is very consciously decorated around the color scheme chosen for the packaging. The kitschy and minimal aesthetic of the place lends itself to being quite comforting and not overbearing at all. The focus is on the brigadeiro display case, and rightly so. With around 20 different flavors, the display is filled with abundant amounts of color and textures, making it an attractive centerpiece for the store. Besides the brigadeiros, the shop also offers a decked out coffee bar to accompany any treats. While the lattes and cappuccinos are great, the obvious draw is the nutella-rimmed cappuccino. By rolling the rim of the cup in nutella and sprinkles and then serving it with any drink of choice, Oh My Gosh! Brigadeiros takes decadence to the next level and makes. Paired with any Brigadeiro, you’ll be on a sugar rush in no time.

Oh My Gosh! Brigadeiro might be the only stand-alone Brigadeiro shop in all of Miami. This treat is usually delegated to home cooks and bakers illegally making them and selling them from their own homes for the Brazilian population in Miami. The owner of Oh My Gosh! Saw a niche in the market for this treat, especially as the Brazilian population seems to be a consistent rise for the past few years in Miami. Overall goal is to expand and begin national shipping processes, making the Brigadeiro as much of a household name as the truffle. Personally, I believe they are delicious enough where they can be in the higher echelon like the truffle and ice cream is. It can be eaten in one or two bites, it’s very beautiful, and it might be one of the most decadent and beautiful things I’ve tasted in a long time. Overall, it even had me exclaiming, “Oh My God!”

Where: 2771 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145

By Santiago Cardona

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