July 28, 2011

Moon Thai & Japanese Cuisine

We got a sudden hunger attack and headed straight to our dearest neighborhood restaurant. Moon Thai & Japanese Cuisine always calms our appetites.

Salmon Sashimi

This is the perfect snack for hungry people: delectable, satiny slices of fresh, raw salmon with ginger, wasabi and delicate strands of carrot. This was pure flavor on the tongue, an exquisite dance inside my mouth. Many a times I have forgotten to eat (can you believe that?) and this instant protein-injection has relieved my appetite in a jiffy. For $3.50 you get 2 slices of salmon with a lot of accompaniments. Heaven-sent for a starving soul J

Chicken Satei

This is no ordinary chicken on a stick: these are thin slices of chicken breast marinated in a coconut sauce and then barbecued. It was served with a peanut sauce and a light cucumber salad. The wonderful grill marks gave the chicken a nice, smoky flavor and the sauce and salad complimented the chicken quite well. Delicious and refreshing at $8.95. Comes with 6 individual servings.

Pineapple Fried Rice

What a delight this was: a pineapple filled with rice! The combination of flavors was incredible and the presentation quite unfamiliar to us. Shrimps, cashew nuts, green onions, crunchy cucumbers and juicy bits of pineapple makes this quite an extraordinary dish. Since trying this Thai version of fried rice, it has been difficult to get my children to eat Chinese fried rice, this rendition being so much lighter and scrumptious. This sweet-savory rice was $11.95 and can share with at least 4 diners.

Thai Donuts

Hot fried dough dipped in condensed milk, the ultimate comfort food. Miss Yazz adores these and I occasionally take a bite, pretending that just a little bit will not go directly to my waist. Yazz can eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I bet she would love them with a cup of coffee. This is oh so sweet and decadent. If you are feeling sad, have some of these donuts and then all will be good with the world. It was $3.95 for a half-dozen donuts.

Moon Thai & Japanese Restaurant also delivers but we always prefer to sit and take in the pretty and vibrant colors of the walls and the cool music always playing. Located in Kendall, this venue has definitely contributed to increasing the flavor palette in the area.

Moon Thai & Japanese Cuisine

16311 S.W. 88TH Street

(305) 388-5901

By Contributor Writer and Photographer Brenda Benoit

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