July 19, 2020

Top Three Puerto Rican Mofongo You Must Try When Your Are In Miami

Miami is a melting pot full of richly diverse cultures. With a strong Hispanic influence, it’s no surprise that Puerto Rico is well represented throughout the city. Those who know Puerto Rican culture are likely to crave mofongo when thinking about the Caribbean island. Mofongo is a Puerto Rican dish where fried plantains are the main ingredient. The plantains are picked green and fried, then mashed with salt, garlic, broth, and olive oil in a wooden bowl. Once this is all put together it’s then topped with your choice of ingredient — shrimp, chicken, steak, seafood, etc. While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing plate of food, it’s certainly delicious. In our Little Havana tours sometimes we try mofongo to allow folks to try the diversity of the neighborhood.

puerto rican mofongo

Here are three spots in Miami who offer amazing mofongo:

La Placita

This Puerto Rican spot is nearly impossible to miss as it’s got a massive Puerto Rican flag painted on the side of the building. Inside chef Jose Mendin’s menu is full of favorites from his home country. When it comes to mofongo, guests are in for a treat as the menu features a “Mofongo Shop” section to build your own mofongo dish. Choose from platano (green plantain) or trifongo green (plantain, yuca, and sweet plantain) as a base and then take your pick from the list of proteins to add on top. Proteins include ropa vieja, camarones al ajillo, salmorejo de jueyes, loiza style crab stew, pollo guisado, con caldo Mendin, criollo lobster and, trufongo true butter.

Jimmy’z Kitchen

One of the OG Puerto Rican spots in Miami, Jimmy’z Kitchen serves some of the best mofongo you’ll find outside of Puerto Rico. Located on South Beach, right on Alton Road, this is an ideal place to stop in after a day on the beach. The menu features 50+ options of sandwiches, salads, and warm entrees, but the real star is the mofongo. Choose from chicken, shrimp, or churrasco, or fresh fish all smothered in a house-made Creole sauce. Not a fan of Creole sauce? Opt for the pork al mojo version instead.

Mofongos Restaurant

With the starring dish right there in the name, it’s bound to be good. Make your way to Little Havana for mofongo at Mofongos Restaurant. The family-owned restaurant serves traditional Puerto Rican cuisine, and of course mofongo. Piled high with mashed plantains, the mofongo here is topped with your choice of vegetables, chicken, shrimp, churrasco, carne frita, octopus, tropical ceviche, and lobster. Can decide? Order your dish mixed and savor on a generous helping of chicken, shrimp, churrasco, and even lobster if you’re feeling fancy.

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