August 24, 2010

Michy's Restaurant; Life Is Much Better With Michelle Bernstein

"There are scarfs, and then there are CHANEL scarfs... 
There is food, and then there is Michelle Bernstein Food"

Yep, it might sound a bit dramatic the statement above, but it is exactly what I feel about Michelle Bernstein's cuisine nowadays, plus this is a free country and I can say whatever I want, and lately that is how I feel about her food. Located in my beloved neigborhood of Miami’s Upper East Side (69th & Biscayne Boulevard), Michy's is a restaurant that is both chic & homey to me. I love the ambiance here, when I walk in, I go straight to the bar because it is not that easy to find attentive people working at the bar, but Michy's has them. I think 30% of a restaurant experience lies on waitresses/waiters and hostess hands... The girls that took care of me when I went by myself (never made me feel like "it is Saturday night girl, whacha doing here alone?" and the times I went with my husband, I felt I was in first class British Airways (yep, that is the only airline I travel first class and it was because they were sending me on a media trip).

If it weren't because every time I come here we spend close to $100 per capita, I probable will frequent every single weekend, and, until I get fed up with the food and move on, but I think at Michy's that would be in 3-4 years, I do not think I could ever get tired of ordering the Fettuccine Carbonara (yep, capital letters).

Sauteed Prawns & Handkerchief Pasta

Fava Beans, Kale, Seafood Nage

Long after I had this dish I kept thinking how come someone can get the pasta to taste like ribbons of the most exquisite meat, elastic, yet not hard, just perfect. Every element you see on the pictures tasted as good as it looks, the tomatoes were juicy, not too watery, not to overpowering, just pure perfection. The fava beans added some nuttiness to the spectacular composition, and the kale was cooked tender but had enough consistency that you were able to guess it was kale right away. The prawn was not the main character of the dish, and hold on, that's a good thing actually (at least for me), because you have to know how to cook and dress such an exquisite creature like a prawn and still leave people choosing what their favorite element in the dish was. I hope you get what I was trying to say - but hope you get it - in short, although a prawn is way more precious than a piece of kale (in my scale of luxury items), to me every element played the main character and all of them together made me think about the person genius doing the cooking. With people like Michelle Bernstein in the Miami, I give up cooking for the rest of my life. (like here is my towel, done).

tuna tartar

Tuna Tartar
Soy, Ginger, Scallions, Chili Oil, House Chips

The last time we went to Michy's my husband had the tuna tartar and I was not jealous because I've had it many times, although he is watching what he eats lately (and it always seems I am watching what I do not eat), I picked on the chips and when he looked at me, I put a face like "you know, they are fattening for you"

My husband looks like an Armani model lately, and I just pray in the morning my skinny jeans fit me one more day. I kept thinking for the last 3 weeks "this is the day I will sign up at the gym," not really because I want to be super skinny, I want to keep eating the way I did when I was 20, and now on my mid 30s, I think you'll agree I should start running like a hamster just like everyone else here in Miami does.

Sorry by then I think their Riesling wine have gotten into my head, I do not remember the name of this dish, needless to say, it tasted exceptionally, creatively good.

Baked Alaska
Pistachio Cake, Dulce de Leche Ice Cream, Italian Meringue Passion Fruit Salsa

The first time I had this dessert (yes, I had it several times, I know, shame on me and I should probably buy a Hamster wheel by now), but this dessert I had a blackout. I couldn't believe it the first time I tried it, and look, I know my dulce de leche ice cream, but the one inside that meringue was the best one I have ever had.

I tried not to write this on the last paragraph but I try to be as honest as possible, and although I do not want to end this post on a negative note, but last Saturday I had this dessert to go and when I got home there was no dulce de leche inside, I think something happened in the kitchen that night because I swear, there was no dulce de leche ice cream inside. This was quite disappointing because my Armani model husband tried it and I wanted him to say "wow, we have to go back to Michy's for this dessert" and he just eat it and kept watching the movie and when no emotions came out, I knew something was wrong, and yes, I confirm because I had the other half, the dulce de leche was nowhere to be found. What happened to the dulce de leche Michy's?


6927 Biscayne Blvd

Miami, Florida 33138


By Grace Della

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