December 20, 2010

Michael's Genuine

Why does the entire town brags about this place?

Now I know why after months of hearing Michael's Genuine this and Michael's Genuine that from everyone... Now I understand why I hear about this resto all the time. It's oh oh really good for Miami. Let me put it this way, Miami before Michael's Genuine, Miami after Michael's Genuine - and you have some culture of good service (noted not "great" but in Miami we consider great service when it is decent because service in general sucks here). And at Michael's Genuine you get amazingly artistically crafted dishes hitting the highest notes as if you would be at the opera watching Pavarotti (in his golden years)(but food wise, you get my point), all I hope is that it remains solid just like it was the three times I left half my wallet here, but I am not complaining because I am willing to give it all for that ultimate dining experience, I just don't care if dining is expensive, I am a Michael's Genuine addict...

From all of the bites and dishes I had, the two that are my absolute favorites and are the least expensive ones on the menu, I went to have these countless times, and I plan to have them all the time as long as they remain true to what made the chef famous. The chips with onion dip to me is glamour comfort food, and all salad fantasies come alive with this one. Oh and by the way, the last time I was there with my husband I ordered the dessert that are about 16 pieces of chocolate cookies and such... we got home and my husband asked me to bring them to watch the movie but the box was empty and my husband was not happy. I had thoughts of calling the restaurants to thank the pastry chef but that in Miami is considered weird.

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

130 NE 40th St

Miami (Design District), FL 33137

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