November 25, 2014

Miami Locations found in Chef

The movie Chef is a 2014 drama that follows the life of fictional chef Carl Casper after a public altercation with a popular Los Angeles food critic causes him to quit his job. After returning to his hometown of Miami, Casper reconnects with old friends and family and begins to fix up a food truck in order to rediscover his culinary passion. Casper’s food truck, named El Jefe, serves Cuban sandwiches with yucca fries and visits various Miami hotspots before leaving on a cross-country road trip in an effort to get back to LA. Below, you will find a list of the places where Chef was filmed.


Known as The World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant, Versailles is a must when visiting Miami. Since the movie is based around the Cuban cuisine, no other restaurant could have embodied this type of food in a better sense. Versailles is the personification of Cuban food and culture, sometimes being a neighborhood meeting spot for local residents and tourists alike. Although there is better Cuban food to be found in Miami, it is irrefutable that Versailles is an essential part of a Miami experience.

Where to find it: Versailles. 3555 SW 8TH STREET. 305-444-0240

Fontainebleau Hotel

Considered by many as the premiere hotel in the city, the Fontainebleau is a Miami icon. Even though the hotel has always been large and luxurious, it made a case for being breath-taking after its $1 billion 2-year renovation during the early 2000s. This historic hotel is home to one of Miami’s well-known clubs, LIV, and some of the city’s best restaurants, including Scarpetta, Hakassan, and Michael Mina 74.

Where to find it: Fontainebleau Hotel. 4441 COLLINS AVENUE MIAMI. 305-538-2000

Hoy Como Ayer

This Cuban club with dim lights tinged with red, cigars, and latin jazz blasting throughout the interior make a fun night out in Little Havana. They do operate as a restaurant, but make no mistakes about it: you are here to listen to music, to drink, and to dance. The best nights are Thursdays, with local favorites SPAM All-Stars providing grooving music that will keep you on the dance floor. The Cuban flavor and influence is ever-present throughout Hoy Como Ayer, being the best Latin Club in Miami.

Where to find it: Hoy Como Ayer. 2212 SW 8th St. (305) 541-2631

Los Pinarenos Fruteria

Imagine a Hispanic fruit stand and you have yourself Los Pinarenos. This petite market offers the complete Calle Ocho experience, including thick and creamy Batidos de Mamey, homemade tamales, Coco Frio, Guarapo, and live chickens walking around. Yes, we said live chickens, and these only add to the authentic experience that many places try to capture but fail on various levels. This no-nonsense type of place is a Miami gem, providing a taste of what true Cuban culture has to offer.

Where to find it: Los Pinarenos Fruteria. 1334 SW 8th St. (305) 285-1135

Lummus Park

Lummus park is the thing you see before making your way onto the sandy shores of the beach. Here, you get a true essence of South Beach’s lifestyle and beauty. The beautiful people that Miami has become synonymous with can be found here, whether it be lounging, working out, or just going for a stroll. Along with that, the eclectic people you will find, Lummus Park is in close proximity to South Beach’s most known locations and establishments. If you plan on experiencing Miami like a true local, you will find yourself around Lummus Park at least once.

Where to find it: Lummus Park. 10th St & Ocean Dr

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