March 19, 2013

Mezes Greek Taverna In Pembroke Pines

What to eat before watching a good film on a Saturday night is often a topic of discussion between friends and me. A Greek restaurant on Pines Boulevard caught my eye and I was glad to find how authentic it was. The parking lot was rather full, which was understandable on a Saturday night; however, seating was available upon arriving. The hostess was pleasant and the dining area was simply decorated, casually emitting a Mediterranean ambiance.


Perhaps it may have been that I do not typically consume much hummus, but my friends and I asked for seconds once we had a taste of this one. What strikes me is how well-seasoned the hummus was. Considering that it is a dish each party is served as soon as they are seated, it must be made in large batches. My assumption is that it is made fresh daily because it was fresh and the garlic flavor was spot on.


Now, I cannot recall the last time I tried spanakopita; however, I did not care much for this one. I like spinach, but I believe I was hoping for a creamier texture and not so much of a profound spinach flavor. Regardless, the phyllo was nice and flaky and I liked the larger pieces of feta cheese mixed in with the spinach.


Of course, I had to order the gyro dinner! The portion of meat was rather large and it was evident that Mezes uses a type of lamb forcemeat for their gyros. If you would like the real deal, go for the lamb chops. However, a quality gyro meat was served and it was quite tasty. The pita bread was lightly toasted and the roasted red pepper and tzatziki complemented the meat very well. The red pepper develops a sweet flavor after being roasted and this makes all the difference. And, if you are curious, tzatziki can be eaten by itself, as a type of yogurt, but it is commonly used as a sauce for gyros. While there are several ways to prepare it, it can be prepared by mixing together plain Greek yogurt, minced cucumbers, chopped dill, fresh lemon juice, and seasonings. To round out the dish though, a traditional Greek salad was served alongside my gyro. The vinaigrette and feta cheese made this salad and it served as a nice refresher to my hearty gyro.

My friends and I had a nice Greek night out. The service was not exactly favorable, but it was okay. I had a pleasant dining experience nonetheless and I really enjoyed my meal. No room was left for dessert, but I may have to return for some baklava as it looked pretty tasty. On a scale from one to four mouthfuls, one being poor and four being excellent, Mezes Greek Taverna was really good, earning three mouthfuls.

Mezes Greek Taverna

10040 Pines Blvd

Pembroke Pines, FL


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By Food Blogger Hector Manon 

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