May 19, 2014

Marlie's Delights

marlies delights

It’s a nice change of pace to find a food truck that serves upscale desserts, and Marlie's Delights delivers. Most of the time, food trucks offer twists on food that would be considered casual and portable, such as tacos, burgers, sandwiches, and pizza. Very few of them are dedicated to serving only desserts, and this is one of the things that set Marie’s Delights from the competition.

Sure, there are trucks like HipPops offering gelato bars (which are out of this world by the way), but Marlie’s is more along the lines of a bakery on wheels, dishing out treats such as cake, pie, and brownies. Unique and modern variations on these desserts are produced at this truck, such as the Maple Bacon cake. Instead of just having a cake and placing maple bacon on it, Marlie’s Delights uses its culinary savvy and infuses the cake with a maple-tasting simple syrup to keep the vessel moist and flavorful throughout. This results in the cake tasting as a cohesive dessert instead of various elements of decadent food placed on top of each other. You’re not getting a cake with bacon on top. Instead, you’re getting a balanced combination of not-overly sweet cake that retains some dampness but enough structure to be a base for the smoky and salty bacon on top. The bacon produces a savory aspect without overpowering the sweetness and texture of the cake, while giving some crunch to the overall dessert. In essence, it is everything a maple bacon cake sets out to be.

I understand that maple bacon desserts are attempted by abundant bakeries with various levels of success, but Marlie’s Delights executes their version of them with success. On top that, this food truck also acts as a wholesale agent for other restaurants, meaning that you can find their desserts at different places throughout the county. They have been able to build a type of familiar bond between local establishments that helps push the culinary scene in Miami forward, which is something I highly appreciate. You can contact this food truck as well when it comes to ordering cakes and desserts for your special occasions, as they cater to making decorated tier cakes for things such as baptisms, birthdays, weddings, and so on. Since they do not need to maintain a storefront, prices are extremely reasonable and less than on par with competing bakeries.

I recommend Marlie’s Delights whether it is for a special order or for a dessert during a food truck gathering. They are sure you lead to a satisfactory experience even if you’re moments with them are limited to just a slab of maple bacon cake.

Marlie’s Delights

Various locations
(305) 318-8158

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona

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