December 24, 2010

Argentinean Food In Miami? Head To Manolo

Manolo has really nice staff. There is a girl called Mariana who is not only friendly but will make sure everyone who visits the place has a good experience, and that to me matters.

I am always on the quest for the ultimate empanada, of course nobody will make the empanadas that my mother makes but that is a different story. It is very hard to find a good empananda at a fair price in Miami Beach. You would think this is the Latin city of the United States and that you would be able to find a good empanada in every corner but believe me, most empanadas are horrible unless you pay $7 an empanada which it defeats the purpose because empanadas are supposed to be inexpensive food that you can take on the go and enjoy while you are walking but in this city unless you pay $20 just to put your butt somewhere, you'll only enjoy (or not enjoy) discusting empanadas. Yes, I am upset, where are the good empanadas in this town where I don't need to put down half my mortgage to get something decent? I hate it. I feel like one serving of good empanadas in Miami cost the same as the food I get for my dog, which excuse me, he only eats good food. Okay, mayne not a good comparison, it is just frustration as alsmot every empanada I tried (except the ones at De Rodriguez Cuba, La Ventana and Charlotte Bakery) are horrible. Ew, greasy, empanadas, not thank you.

Beef empanadas $2 something

Nice empanadas for $2. I recommend that you go to Manolo as it is a trippy place, you will feel that you are at some kids party or something. I would think if you are under some recreational drugs (please note I do not do drugs, just for the record), but I would imagine that half the people who stop at Manolo in the middle of the night are not exactly out of church (we are in Miami Beach people), I always think what kind of trip some people might get when they enter a place that looks like, again, you enter a children b-day party. I swear you will be looking for the clowns, I mean there are stars and planets or something like flags everywhere with I don't know... I think their empanadas are worth the $2 bucks, that's all.


685 Washington Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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