January 30, 2010

Maitardi Restaurant In The Miami Design District

MaiTardi - A choice for Sunday Brunch? Read on my friend, read on...

Miami food criticSo it was Sunday and as every Sunday I start to get happy with the thought of trying a new place for that perfect Sunday Brunch in Miami. My husband in particular loves to go out on Sundays for brunch and so I have the perfect companion - well, not that perfect really because when I take photos he gets a bit uncomfortable, but I always have the attitude of this is for the blog, the blog that I love writing for so nobody is going to ruin that moment for me. I understand him, if you are shy by nature like he is, taking photos and videos of the place where you will be sitting for an hour it is not the ideal situation for the shy type of personality, he makes an effort for me, so I appreciate it.

And so I tell my husband to go to the design District. BTY I really like the design district, is like a place that looks completely abandoned, yet you find the best interior design houses in the city - weird. It is a weird place, I do not know exactly what it is, but if you visit Miami, you have to at least drive around or walk a few blocks there, you'll know what I am saying.

I like MaiTardi design, ambiance, atmosphere. I have met friends there a couple of times for happy hour and appetizers but have never been for Sunday brunch so I gave it a try. I simply hated it - and here is why

redoro olive oil and balsamic vinegar


The best part of the brunch was the oil and vinegar with focaccia bread they serve as soon as you sit down

Eggs Benedict at maitardi

Eggs Benedict with polenta

Dish Name: Polenta Eggs Benedict
Price: $7.95

This was probably the worst egg benedict I have had in my entire life. Period. First, the dish was cold - please is Sunday brunch, I do not want cold food in the morning that is why I choose a dish that consisted of a half an English muffin, topped with ham, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. I understand that the hollandaise sauce is served warm, but this one was tasteless and cold. My first reaction when I read the description on the menu was, oh what a nice twist, instead of an English muffin they are using polenta - yummy. Well yummy it was not. The polenta was so compact it felt like I was cutting a brick and had no flavor whatsoever. The spinach I think they took a handful from those packages you get at a supermarket and just cooked it enough to make it look like there was some caring put on them, but they were difficult to cut them (this is because they were not cooked well), and again, no taste. Oh gee, the hollandaise sauce was cooked without salt, I can bet money on that one and last but not least, the egg was cold! so cold I did take two bites and I was done with it.


Dish Name: I do not remember how they embellish this dish on the menu, but here is the omelette
Price: $7.95

My husband asked for the omelet, I mean, how can you get an omelet to be a disaster? Well MaiTardi definitely won the contest for the worst omelet in town (in my opinion). I get it, it looks great on the picture but it was cold! so cold that I wonder if this is their brunch style "here, Miami is hot, so we serve our breakfast cold" Is this done on purpose? I will never know because I will never be back. The potatoes were so hard - I hate eating hard potatoes - that my husband did not even finish them and he is the type that eats anything, but even for him the potatoes were are turn off.

Want to see how MaiTardi looks like? Watch our video



Cuisine Type: Italian

163 NE 39th St
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 572-1400
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