January 30, 2010

Lorenzo's Italian Market In North Miami - Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

For many many years my market of preference was always Whole Foods Market. I used to go to the one in Aventura, FL. Now, I discovered Lorenzo's Italian Market in North Miami and my world changed (my food world that is). I can not even start telling you the price difference because it is actually so big that is kind of like obscene for lack of a better word. I am so amaze by the price difference and please note the quality of fruits and vegetables is exactly the same or better at Lorenzo's - or at least I think it is better because you have local farmers delivering the goods right there in front of you.

Please if you are looking for a fashionable place to do your groceries, do not go there because you will be disappointed. You will not find polished tomatoes to perfection nor it will smell like you are at a spa, this is a place where you go buy and go out (no people watching either, at least not the type of people I like to watch), but the variety of fruits and vegetables is great and the prices are again, amazingly cheap compared to Whole Foods. I have discovered so many tropical fruits I have never seen before in my life! And there are some vegetables I also never heard or cooked before. But slowly but surely one of the reasons I write for this blog is to start discovering each of these unknown (to me) fruits and vegetables and report to whoever reads this blog. In fact the Yucca post is one of those roots I saw there for the first time (I know they are pretty much everywhere in Miami, but guess what, not at Whole Foods). I have tons of images from all the fruits and veggies at Lorenzo's and I will share them with you.

Lorenzo's Italian Market is separated into two buildings. One one side you have the fruits and vegetables market and on the other side you have the regular market with prepared foods, fish, pastas, and a whole lot of stuff that you would never find anywhere else in Miami. If you are a foodie, you must visit this market in North Miami. Plus I want to promote them! because they have really fair prices and I want them to be here forever!

Lorenzo's Fruit & Veggie Market

2211 Northeast 164th Street, North Miami Beach, FL‎ - (305) 948-1188‎ see location in map

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