August 25, 2010

Live Blogging From Ceviche 105

ceviche 105, downtown Miami

* Sorry I did not take pictures of the place and food but I will be back to Ceviche 105 for sure so I will post them later

So here I am, in fact, I made myself come here today because 2-3 posts prior to this one on the comment section, someone insisted that Ceviche 105 has the best Peruvian cuisine in Miami, or maybe he didn’t say “best” but he highly recommended it, and because I read every comment our blog gets, his sounded with a tone of “you have to go to Ceviche 105 in downtown”
I arrived to, well, it’s downtown Miami, you locals know that downtown Miami is not exactly the most interesting neighborhood in Miami, in fact, sometimes I feel is so inconvenient to come down here, no parking anywhere, at lunch is a nightmare but now it is 6:00 pm - and hey, I got a spot right in front.
I thought Ceviche 105 was a hole in the wall (and that's a great thing), and although I look everything on google street view, when I opened the door, I almost dropped to the floor, this place is an oasis in downtown, the decor set me up in the right mood almost instantly, all I could think to myself was “I bet their white wine is great and it is chilled to perfection…” and yes it is. I did not think ever that I was going to encounter such a chic, stylish, beautiful (air condition at a perfect temperature) place, but I am in heaven, literally I would move my bed in here (right in front of the ceviche bar).
I am already loving this place, and at the same time I feel sorry for myself, I know a new obsession just started, and I have flashes is my head, like dollars flushing out of my wallet, take everything I have! because I would give up anything for that perfect food/dining experience (well, maybe I am exaggerating, clearly is the wine kicking in).  I am in love with Peruvian cuisine. And I have been obsessed now for years with the clothing that the "cholitas" wear in Peru (indigenous women).

I got lucky, as I dine mostly alone (yep, I told you my husband is not as passionate for food as I am), and my friends are usually more into fashion than food, I usually go to places by myself, but today I got lucky, because I got a waiter that is eager to tell me all about his native land Peru - and his is downloading all he ever knew about ingredients, fruits, vegetables, cooking techniques on me. Okay dude back off, let me eat (that's me being bitchy). I have to add though, he was the most gracious, well informed, attentive, assertive waiter I had in a long, long time. Service at this place - excellent.

This is what I had:

Tiradito huancaina sauce

The description goes like this "Wrapped in a traditional cream, based on huancaina chilles cream and fresh cheese. Served with corn, sweet potatoes and topped with Parmesan cheese."
Can I have an opinion about this? I never knew what ceviche tasted like until I tried this tiradito (and I have tried many). How sad, been living in Miami for 7 years and just now I discovered Ceviche 105? I am slow.

Cream rocoto sliced fish tiradito

The description goes like this "our extraordinary tiradito is always smothered in a delicious rocoto cream to give happiness to the soul and joy to the palate."

Chaufa style seafood rice

Nice, but after trying the tiraditos this came second place to me.

Maracutini, passion fruit and pisco sour (drink)

Suspiro de limena (dessert)

This is the most amazing Dulce de leche inspired dessert/cream I have ever had (period).


105 N.E. 3rd Ave. Miami, FL 33132

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