August 19, 2012

Little Havana Tours

Little havana tours

Little Havana Tours with Miami Culinary Tours

Join the Little Havana Food Tour  on a historical journey of the Cuban Culture through food on a three-hour stroll though Little Havana. Taste local foods and experience local customs while listening to a local guide explain history and traditions as well as the food and preparations. Participants can immerse themselves into the Cuban and Cuban American cultures by exploring the arts, listening to the music, dancing with a Latin flair, sampling the food, and learning local hobbies and traditions.

This colorful, unique neighborhood is full of people that have brought their culture to Miami and continue to share it with family and visitors. On our Little Havana tour it is common to see men rolling cigars and a group of older men gathered to play dominos in Domino Park. The tradition and customs don’t stop there. On the tour, you are introduced to the local gastronomy including the classic Cuban dishes in local spots and hidden gems. As a bonus, many restaurants share their recipes. The food is only part of the culture; the arts and music are also important factors.

The Cuban culture is compiled of art, music, dancing, and spiritual connections. Local artist share their artwork in studios lining SWth 8th Street. Artists are happy to divulge their inspirations and decipher symbolism throughout the pieces. Visitors can continue the cultural exploration by watching Latin dance demos on the street. The music and dancing ranges from of salsa to bachata and can be enjoyed by all ages. Throughout the tour you will also learn about spiritual beliefs the community holds such as Santeria, and healing remedies. Miami Culinary Tours gives participants a view into the Cuban and other Latin cultures that settle in this section of Miami.

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