November 01, 2014

Las Americas Bakery


If you’re craving a Colombian breakfast when in the Sunrise area, then head to Las Americas Bakery. Located next to a Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins hybrid, this petite Colombian bakery screams authentic fare served with a smiling face. Although back in Miami you will not have the problem of finding a Colombian bakery, the ones in Broward are few and far between. Thus, Las Americas is the best option I have found throughout my eating travels in the area.

Las Americas would fare well even serving barely decent items due to their lack of competition. Luckily for its patrons, Las Americas takes its food very seriously and makes items that would stand well against even the best Colombian bakeries in Miami. That is why while eating in, it is not uncommon to see a massive influx of people stopping by to get their fix of Colombian treats. In fact, I was surprised to see people from various ethnicities stopping by regularly, including Americans and Caribbeans.

The pandebonos (baked cheese bread) and bunuelos (fried cheese bread) are great, but I feel as if the bakery truly shines in their savory items. The morcilla (blood sausage) is grilled to provide a crisp casing that gives way to a flavorful and satisfying interior that is spiced a bit more than the competition. The heavy hand on the spice makes it more similar to the way morcilla in Colombia tastes. As a native Colombian, I feel as if the morcilla at Las Americas is the best I have tried outside of South America. I would easily make the drive to Sunrise just to eat it.

Unfortunately, Las Americas’ efforts to be creative with the pandebono deemed unsuccessful. The bakers combined the idea of Guava and Cheese pastelito with a pandebono to make a cheese bread filled with the combination of sweet and savory. Sadly, this combination works better in the Cuban pastelito, as the flakey and somewhat salty pastry makes for a perfect foil to the interior. When put into a pandebono, the flavors become muddled due to the extremely flavorful and starchy nature of the cheese bread. Still, I applaud the small bakery for trying to come up with a way to differentiate itself from the competition.

Las Americas seems to be a popular bakery in area that definitely could use from more Latin offerings. Their popularity is warranted, as they seem to be executing on all cylinders.

Las Americas Bakery Sunrise

6299 W Sunrise Blvd, Plantation, FL 33313
(954) 792-6677

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona

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