March 29, 2014

Keg South

When it comes to Latin restaurants, it is safe to say that Miami has those in abundance, but the same cannot be said about dives. For those who don’t know, a dive is basically a restaurant or bar that is frequented by locals to drink and socialize, usually looks run down, and has less than stellar service. At first, a restaurant that lives up to these expectations may not seem like a place that you would want to come to, but dives are usually the place where you can experience what a city truly has to offer. You get a slice of reality; a down-to-earth place that isn’t pretending to be something it’s not while allowing people to unwind after a long day at work. Personally, I rather go to a dive over a nice gastropub anyway.

Keg South can be considered one of Miami’s original dives. It’s been open in the heart of Pinecrest for over 50 years, and it elevates the definition of the word “dive.” Here you will find what I described as a dive above, except that they are doing lots of other things correctly. Ask locals where to find the greatest chicken wings in Miami, and the answer you are probably going to get will be between Sports Grill and here. Although I do prefer Sports Grill on a good day, they do not offer the consistency that Keg South offers. Every single time I have been to Keg South, the wings have been stellar, with a smoky flavor from the grill and a nice ending kick to accompany the seasoning that is placed on them. They are the perfect size and a good accompaniment to the cold beer being served. You will not find anything craft here, but the prices are fair and they have your standard domestics on tap.

Those that don’t come here for the wings are most likely here for the Keg Burger, which might be one of the most underrated burgers in the city. Not only is the beef as flavorful as you could hope to find in a dive, but the sesame bread is perfectly squishy and enough to remind you of the best backyard burger you’ve ever had. Why go out to those fancy burger joints for $15 burgers when you can get something just as good (or even better) for under $7?

Finding your way here is not the easiest thing to do, seeing as it is somewhat hidden. I believe this adds to the magic of the place and further drives my point that the restaurant is the epitome of a dive. The restaurant itself will probably fit no more than 40 guests at a time, but I would be willing to wait just for the ambiance. The cast of characters you will encounter here are as local as Miami folk can get, and you can tell that they have been going to Keg South for 20 or more years. I can proudly say that in a few years, I can include myself with that group of Keg South veterans.

Keg South

(305) 284-9296

10417 S Dixie Hwy

Pinecrest, FL 33156


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