June 21, 2014

Joe's Stone Crab

joes stone crab

By now, most people know Joe's Stone Crab for their namesake crabs, spectacular service, and old-time atmosphere. Sadly, their stone crab services go along with the stone crab season, meaning that you can only indulge in their fresh-caught claws for a limited time out of the year. Still, it is definitely worth a visit to satisfy a stone crab craving or if you just want to witness one of the most historic restaurants not only in Miami, but also in the United States. 2014 marks Joe’s 100th anniversary, a claim that very restaurants have. Nowadays, it’s difficult for a restaurant to make it past its first two years, so for an establishment to be alive after a century speaks leaps and bounds about what it has to offer. Joe’s is the epitome of an institution, maintaining their quality and style of service ever since its induction. No other company in Miami can boast about owning an entire block in the south side of the beach like Joe’s can, and it is worth coming here just for the experience.

Walking in, you’ll be met by waiters dressed in tuxedos walking you to your table. The décor is old-fashioned, with mahogany bars and checkered tables overtaking the dining room. As retro as this may sound, Joe’s manages to make the décor seem updated and somewhat casual while maintaining an elegant vibe. You can dine in here dressed in jeans and a button-down or come in a full-blown suit; no matter which you choose, you will fit right in. Even though Joe’s is used to being a restaurant of choice to famous celebrities ranging from sports stars to celebrity chefs, they will treat you just the same and deliver exemplary service.

What many people do not know about Joe’s Stone Crab is that during the off season (summer months), they change their menu entirely to serve food that would make them destination worthy all on its own. Their steak program has gotten massively revamped by the current people in charge of the kitchen, producing steakhouse quality-like food that rivals places such as Prime 112 and Red The Steakhouse. If steak is not your thing, they are even offering perfectly prepared dishes that are within anyone’s price range. You can come and sample their brisket, which is smoked for 12 hours until it is literally falling apart, making for a succulent and tender bite of food that dissolves in your mouth. The taste coming from the melting connective tissues result in what I would describe as “meat butter.” Just as impressive is their current takes on the slider, which is made from prime beef and is topped with a block of breaded fried cheese, caramelized onions, and mango ketchup. Dishes such as these can be found all throughout the menu, which make for a casual meal in a venue that is known for being formal and old school.

Whether you come here for the stone crabs, the steak, or for casual fare, you must realize that you are dining in an American institution. It is worth the wait and hype, making for an experience that you are sure to remember for a very long time.

Joe’s Stone Crab

11 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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