May 25, 2014

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant


The name is cliché, the décor is unoriginal, and the American-Chinese menu is commonplace, but Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant is my go-to for takeout. Whether it be because its close proximity to my home or because of the cheap prices, I have this restaurant’s phone number saved as a contact on my Iphone. Whatever the reason is, I always have a good experience when it comes to the food I pick up from there on a regular basis.

Food at Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant is your standard Chinese-American affair, with menu items ranging from Kung Pao Chicken to Beef and Broccoli. The difference from other Chinese restaurants in the area (and there are more than I can count on one hand) and Hong Kong is that the food here is always made to order, ingredients are fresh, and nothing is overly greasy. Most of the time, Chinese takeout restaurants suffer from a lack of quality in food and instead rely on deep frying everything, coating it in a thick sweet sauce, and calling it a day. But even the food that is not sauce based here is delectable and actually complex in flavors. My typical order is that a Mapo Tofu, a dish I became enamored with during my travels in China. Although Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant’s rendition of the dish is anything but authentic, it still strikes me as something worth eating. The tofu is silken smooth and pan fried with a combination of peas and carrots. Then it is coated with a thin sauce made with sweet soy, vinegar, and spices. This combination of flavors leads to a sweet, savory, and spicy dish with textures ranging in crunchy from the carrots to soft from the tofu.

Other standouts are the fried chicken wings and fried rice. I know I stated that I disliked the fact that most Chinese-American restaurants relied on deep-frying everything, but Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant uses these techniques only to further the flavor and textures of their dishes. The food is never greasy where you feel like you need a nap after, and it actually tastes like what it claims it is. Chicken tastes like chicken, beef tastes like beef, and shrimp tastes like shrimp. It may not seem like it’s a lot, but this is more than I can say about most Chinese-American restaurants in Miami. Prices are fair and delivery is quick, and when you’re deciding on what’s going to be your go-to Chinese delivery restaurant, this earns a place major bonus points. I’m glad Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant is in my neighborhood, and I believe it is some of the better Chinese-American food I’ve tried in the city.

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

15741 SW 152nd St, Miami, FL 33187
(305) 251-3039

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona

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