August 21, 2014

Head to Vintro Kitchen Restaurant

It was a Wednesday night and Paul arrived home from work early. I was excited all day because we had reservations to dine at  the rustic Vintro Kitchen restaurant in Miami Beach. I worked very hard all day and the thought of great cuisine at the end of the day kept me motivated on the computer. I work from home as you know if you have been reading my blog for the last 4 years, I guess that is the other way around, I live from my office.

We are in Midtown Miami but I no longer want to drive and is all because of UBER. Well, I no longer want to risk it. If you are going to go out for dinner, you are going to have lots of wine (at least us) and we do not want to drive so we used UBER to get to Vintro in Miami Beach. The hotel is a small cute little hotel with a great restaurant space. I love the decor, very American Bistro meets art deco.

vintro scallops

We ordered a whole set of small dishes but the scallops, oh the scallops. They are simply to die for. They were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside with the perfect amount of tomato sauce. The crispy prosciutto added the saltiness to the dish, a clever way to not alter the flavor of the scallops but still count with that saltiness every dish needs. The micro greens were delicious, they were packed with earthiness flavor. I would back to Vintro for the scallops and sit at the bar section on the entrance to the hotel anytime.

vintro fish appetizer


black rice at vintro

From top to bottom: The chef sent a beautiful tiradito made with a very delicate fish. The waiter explained that the fish comes from Japan and it comes alive until it hits US borders. I thought that was interesting to know. The micro greens on the tiradito was celery leafs and they were packed with flavor as well. You see, I am liking the micro greens...

Then we tried the meatballs. On the menu it doesn't say they are lamb meatballs and the waiter didn't mention that either to us, and you know how lamb is. Lamb has a taste that tells your brain pretty much "I am something but not from a cow" and we kept guessing with Paul, and yes, it was lamb confirmed by the waiter when we asked. We then ordered their black rice and mushrooms. The black rice comes from Italy and it is not tinted, the waiter explained, and he proceed saying that black rice is very nutritious compared to regular white rice. Paul loved the rice, I was still working on the meatballs which by the way, lamb or not, they were a masterpiece.

Vintro Kitchen

2216 Park Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139

By Grace Della

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