April 07, 2014

Great food, good historical info

Thu, Jul 12, 12   6:00 PM by Colvilles

I was excited to go on this tour and I'm so glad that I did. The guide was so knowledgable about the area that we got more than just a fun evening of food saplings. The architecture, history, geography, celebrities and popular places were all explained as we went from one delicious dish to the next. I have a severe allergy and our tour guide looked out for me. I really appreciate that- she took great care of each member of our group and obviously knows her stuff, too. Though I didn't love every food I tasted (most, though!), I was always happy to have tried it. Either the food, the cooking method or the location was the reason for each particular stop throughout the tour. It was very well planned and orchestrated. We were busy, but not exhausted. We enjoyed every moment and we never were bored. I liked how she even knew where the best restroom stops were. That's very helpful. It is apparent that they REALLY want the participants to have a good time. I think the only suggestion I would have is to include more drinks. We tasted one drink with alcohol and one Cuban coffee, but maybe a few more local favorite drinks would work well (Rum Runner? Mojito?). I wasn't looking to get buzzed, or anything, but I just think it would really add to the experience. Other than that, it was fantastic and I would do it again. I'm even looking for some of these experiences here in my home town! It's a great concept! When I return to Miami, I'll do it again.

Sun, Jul 8, 12   6:00 PM by Simmonsr

Ths tour gives a good introduction to local restaurants and so helps inform later dining choices. We visited 2 of the restaurants afterwards on the basis of the tour. The tour guide is well-informed and keeps everything (and everyone) moving in a pleasant and cheerful manner. It's all very sociable- there is plenty of opportunity to chat to fellow tourists. The food was generally pleasant and there was a wide variety of restaurants covered. Downside of this of course is that there may well be 1 or 2 you don't like. We had already dined at Dave's Cafe, the Cuban place, and taken a dislike to it. One criticism is that the food portions on offer are quite small- I'm not sure about the website claim that the food served altogether amounts to a complete dinner. I was hungry afterwards but then I have a substantial appetite! Worth doing as a different kind of evening.

Sat, Jul 7, 12   6:00 PM by mhagedon

My wife and I really love food and interesting tours, so doing a food tour of one of the most culturally diverse areas in the nation was a no-brainer. The price seemed pretty appropriate for the amount of food and local insight we received. You could easily spend far more at many of the restaurants on Ocean Drive and be left feeling relatively unfulfilled. The information on the local architecture were of particular interest and gave insight which I never expected. It was nice to hear the story of how South beach got to where it is today through the personal perspective of the local guide. Our guide was pleasant and friendly, however I prefer tour guides to be more entertaining when delivering information. Often times I felt a little like I was in a classroom as she asked questions and waited for a response in the fashion of a primary school teacher. This is especially strange on a Saturday night on South Beach surrounded by essentially the opposite type of atmosphere. I would probably do the lunch or little Havana tour if I was to do it again. Overall, a good experience especially culinarily speaking. We will probably do more food tours like this in the future as we visit other cities.

Thu, Jul 5, 12   6:00 PM by cmoore83

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the South Beach food tour. The food was fantastic our guide Mirca gave us the history orlf not only the places we visited but of South Beach itself. My only regret is we didn't have the opportunity to take the Little Havana tour as well. The next time we get down to Miami it is definitely on the list of activities. This tour has actually inspired me to look for similar activities everywhere I visit including my hometown. Thank you so much!!!

Thu, Jul 5, 12   6:00 PM by bwestphall

As a coulinary tour we figured we would get a little more substance with the food part of the tour. We enjoyed the informative tour guide as we toured the historic south beach area. The restaurants we stopped at had good food samples but we kind of thought there would be a bit more food. We realize that it wouldnt be practical for a full course meal at each stop but would recommend just a bit more substance. We would recommend this tour.

Sun, Jul 1, 12   6:00 PM by aggiesharp

This tour was excellent! Our tour guide was friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. We tried a lot of great food on the tour and even learned about the Art Deco architecture in South Beach. I recommend taking this food tour of South Beach at the beginning of your stay in Miami Beach. We went back to some of the places we tried during the tour, and the walking tour helped to learn our way around South Beach.

Sun, Jul 1, 12   6:00 PM by Arwai82

It was a great tour, I really enjoyed the art deco architecture session of this tour. The food that we had were a little bit on the boring side for me, I was hoping for more unique food selections...the tour was a little bit too tame for my taste. It's a wonderful tour for beginners.

Thu, Jun 28, 12   6:00 PM by JudithMatt

This tour is a great opportunity to taste a variety of foods that South Beach has to offer. Take the tour early in your visit so that you are able to return to your favorites during your stay. The Guide is informative and the tour is wonderful. The food stops provide very tasty choices.

Thu, Jun 28, 12   6:00 PM by pwong88

Tour guide is amazing!

Sun, Jun 24, 12   6:00 PM by soniajensen

Even tough the weather was not magnificent, this tour proved to be super fun and especially very interesting. The food was great and our tour guide was very knowledgeable and made it all very interesting and fun.

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