October 26, 2015

GK Bistronomie in Wynwood

GK Bistronomie in Wynwood is the newest addition to neighborhood's growing food scene is , a Peruvian concept helmed by the mind of Rafael Perez. Chef Rafael has quite the pedigree, making a splash in the Peruvian culinary scene after having one of his restaurants rank in the top 300 restaurants in the world. By using his extensive knowledge of Peruvian cuisine and adopting modern twists and inspiration to traditional plates, Perez is running one of the better restaurants in Wynwood.

Seafood is king when it comes to Peruvian food, and GK Bistronomie takes this concept up a notch. The whole idea at the restaurant is to create an experience instead of just a dish. Applications of contrasting textures and aromas are employed in ways that make you actually think about what you are eating. Such is the case with the Cherry wood Smoked Shrimp ceviche, served with heirloom tomatoes, lime, cilantro, green plantains, and popcorn. When placed in front of you, the ceviche is served in a bowl with a plate resting on top to reveal what is inside. Taking of the pate reveals smoke that gives aromas of the sea and cherry wood smoke, clearing up to reveal a menagerie of colors in a beautiful manner. The taste of the ceviche definitely lives up to the dramatic presentation, making for one of the highlights of the night.

Foie gras empanadas stand out as a clever take on a somewhat pedestrian and rustic street food. The fatty and unctuous foie gras is complimented by campari onion marmalade and anise seeds that help tame the sometimes-overwhelming decadence of the foie. Four empanadas are served in the portion, making me wish that there were more. These were truly addicting.

GK Bistronomie in Wynwood is the newest addition to neighborhood's growing food scene is , a Peruvian concept helmed by the mind of Rafael Perez

If you are only getting one entrée, make it the Black Grouper. Served with an abundance of seafood, the black grouper is a divine sight to behold. Shrimp, clams, and octopus are served surrounding the seared black grouper in a delicate and beautiful seafood broth. An earthy quinoa brings the dish back to earth and provides a substantial addition to one of the best seafood entrees I’ve had in recent memory.  The pan seared Duck Breast is another option, helping Perez prove that his genius can also be applied to food besides those coming from the sea. A perfectly medium-cooked breast is served atop a bed of green pea risotto with aji Amarillo. The dish was properly executed and provided nothing less than I would have expected. I wish more restaurants cooked duck the way GK Bistronomie does.

Do not leave GK Bistronomie without ordering a cocktail. Head mixologist Jossimar has worked with Perez in previous concepts, and there was no way Perez was going to open up a restaurant in Wynwood without the help of the amazing 27 year-old. Jossimar applies the concept of a Kitchen Bar to GK Bistonomie, meaning that the bar using many infusions and actually cooks some items that go into their drinks. This means that processes of upwards of two weeks go into making a single drink. The “Wynwood Sahumerio” is a perfect example of the quality of drink and food that GK Bistronomie is serving. The incense-inspired cocktail is made with Absolut Elyx, Starfruit, Orange, Darjeeling, and Chamomile. It is equally delicious as it is visually stunning, due to the fact that it forces you to use smell, sight, and taste to actually experience the full power of this drink. Incense is served along with along with dry ice to create quite the spectacle at your table. It is truly the perfect way to end your meal.

GK Bistronomie

218 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33127

(786) 477-5151

By MCT Blogger, Santiago Cardona

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