September 25, 2010

Gigi Restaurant In The Design District

This time I decided that I was not going to go for lunch at GIGI restaurant because, well, they are not open at lunch for now. I am a lot around this area of Midtown Miami/Design District and I am a living proof that only two years ago it was scary to walk around here, now you have a waiting list when you hit one of the spots to grab a bite. So I am supposed to have a short business meeting, and I asked to meet at GIGI as when I heard is an Asian Bistro (and there are so few in Miami that can cook a decent meal), I headed to GIGI with my highest expectation. As soon as I entered I thought "wow, there are a million people working at this place" and "but it is empty." Sat down, the waiter quickly noticed me, and when I finished looking at the menu the entire place was full of people. Nice.

Local Sweet Corn - tofu shmeer

When I got this dish I thought to myself "there is no way I can start chewing on it in front of a potential client" It is almost like this dish should be labeled "family gathering only" this is not a business-friendly dish so I asked for a knife.

This dish is only $3 (well it is one corn after all), but I can testify it was delicious, I was quite amazed that they can get so many flavors out of a simple corn. It was crunchy yet perfectly cooked & delicately seasoned - and that topping that looks like butter or cream cheese in fact is tofu - love that effort nowadays chefs put on their creations to make things healthy - not missing the dazzling effect of substance and flavor.

Shitake mushrooms with sticky soy

When this dish was arriving to the table it looked as if it was alive (see video below for special effects), those light brown shavings are actually fish but they are so think that they move as if they were alive with the wind. WOW, I could have had an entire football field of these shitake mushrooms. They were salty yet not too salty, juicy yet not to watery or overcooked, the consistency of the mushroom flesh could have been nominated for an award. I had one and looked straight to the kitchen to guess who the hell put this together, there is someone with some talent back in the kitchen (may I get an autograph?).


3470 North Miami Avenue

Design District

Miami, FL 33127

(305) 573-1520

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