March 04, 2021

7 things our wonderful guests say about getting the most from your Miami Culinary Tour!

We love our guests at Miami Culinary Tours!

In this day and age, we hear from our wonderful clients in every which way. Between emails, phone calls, social media postings, and reviews, our clients don’t hesitate to share great tips that increased the enjoyment of their tour. We are so grateful to them for sharing their suggestions that we have culled the best ideas here for your upcoming tour with us! And after your tour, we’d love to hear back from you with your special tips for our future guests. As they say, pass it on!

1. “The guide was so engaging, so it really helped that my entire group were able to listen to her without anyone interrupting or having side conversations. I think the guide really appreciated it too. It helped me to really get every nuance of the tour!”

2. “Traffic in most metropolitan cities can be a challenge, so leave plenty of room to get there. I’m glad that everyone on my tour was on time as the guide had such an interesting introduction and I would have been disappointed if I missed it!”

3. “I loved the pace of the tour. I’ve been on tours before where there is someone who is impatient and wants to rush the guide through their itinerary. I say, just let the guide dictate the pace of the tour-our guide was so good at managing everything- just leave it all to your guide!”

4. “My guide asked us so many interesting questions and the tour was interactive. So don’t hesitate to participate! You’ll have a really good time if you speak up!”

5. “Check the weather report before you leave for your tour. After several visits to Miami, we now know that we need to be prepared when we go touring. So pack an umbrella and any other gear you might need”

6. “We’ve been on numerous food tours. My biggest tip is to try all the foods, because that’s how you’ll get the most out of your tour, even if they aren’t typically foods you eat everyday. We were well informed by our guide as to why the foods we enjoyed were chosen for the tour. We can eat our salads and green smoothies any old day! We truly felt immersed in the culture because we partook in every last morsel of the food that best represented the Miami culture”

7. “We take guided tours all over the world because we know we will learn so much more with someone who is in the know. We always feel that guides have that certain something that makes for a happy day while we are on vacation and so we always reward them with a nice tip. They really appreciate it!”

By Robyn Webb

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