December 18, 2011

Fratelli La Bufala

I finally found a place in Miami where they serve perfectly executed pizza. The pies here are seriously delicious and the ambiance, a truly Italian spot in South Beach. When you walk in Fratelli La Bufala the aromas coming from their brick oven.

Buffalo Mozzarella

Their pizza is excellent (the best pizza you are going to have in Miami bar far), their antipasto superb but for me the most memorable item at Fratelli La Bufala is their buffalo mozzarella. It is fresh, sweet and salty - and juicy to perfection. It melts in your mouth and together on the pizza with fresh basil is the perfect representation of everyday Italian  food in the city.

The Story behind Fratelli La Bufala

"Giuseppe Antonio and Gennaro La Bufala were born in Aversa, a pleasant town in the hinterland of Caserta. After the untimely departure of their father, a mozzarella cheese producer, the young brothers had to make a choice; take over their family business, or abandon everything and go to seek adventure. They decided for the latter. After selling the business and equally sharing the earnings the three of them packed up took off towards a new life. Giuseppe (also known as Pippo), the first born, whose dream is to open a restaurant, moved to new York and finds a job as a pizza maker in an Italian restaurant.

Antonio, or Toto as his family calls him, instead moves to Madrid where he opens a flamenco school. Gennaro, the youngest, whose dream is to be a painter, moved to Paris, where he finds work as a night watchman in a garage. Years go by and Pippo makes a fortune by opening a big pizza restaurant in New York. Toto follows his lead and opens the biggest pizza restaurant in Madrid. In 2000, Gennaro decides to open a pizza restaurant in Milan as well, but without giving up on paining. The three brothers retrieve their father's business by creating a company in 2003 they life to Fratelli La Bufala brand. Gennaro kept on painting and some of his masterpieces are now on dislay in FLB restaurants all over the world.

We don't need to use hydrogenated fats, industrial sauces, glutamates, or even worse, genetically modified ingredients to make the foods we prepare tasty. What makes our dishes unforgettable are the natural ingredients that are carefully choosen, our care and our creativeness in making them and in serving them.

We care so much for nature and the environment, in all of its aspects, that we are carefully in choosing all the materials used at Fratelli La Bufala, so to have a continues improvement towards full Eco-compatibility. Any advice for our improvement is always well accepted.

The brand Fratelli La Bufala - Emigrating Pizzamakers is managed by the Wmmesei spa catering group. Born in 2003, it immediately gives an image of itself as a restaurants and pizzerias chain that is highly linked to the genuineness of the products from Campania and its cheap, simple cuisine.

The FLB group relies on the spreading throughout Italy and the world of buffalo mozzarella and it derivatives; buffalo meat, Campania wines, the traditional Neapolitan pizza and organic farming product.

The premises' design is well polished and characterized by Pop-colored painting and murals. For the time being, Fratelli La Bufala counts with 95 locations in Italy and all over the world, gives employment to about 1500 people and serves about 12000 customers a day."
From Fratelli La Bufala website

Fratelli la Bufala

437 Washington Ave

Miami Beach, FL 33139


By Miami Food Critic, Grace Della

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