April 14, 2014

For Amazing Chicken, Head to Caporal Chicken

caporal chicken


If you’re looking for some legitimate fried chicken in Miami, look no further than the newly opened Caporal Chicken. In my opinion, fried chicken is quickly becoming the new burger. Burgers and fried chicken are meant to be comfort foods that should not overly complex. These foods have already proved that they deserve to be considered staples in American cuisine, and not too many things can be done to improve them. At Caporal Chicken, they understand this concept.

Instead of attempting to impress by reinventing the wheel, Caporal Chicken focuses on serving fried chicken in a classically correct way.  By this I mean that they ensure that the essentials are being achieved, by attaining a crisp and golden brown coating and skin, seasoning the bird to the point of not being over-salty, and frying the chicken just enough to where it is properly cooked but not dry. Do not come here expecting fried chicken in a Southern sense, as this recipe is not buttermilk dipped or coated in seasonings typical to Southern states. Instead, this fried chicken has a Latin flare, tasting of sazon completa with a light but crisp coating. This is because Caporal Chicken is actually a descendent of a restaurant that existed in Cuba in the first half of the 20th century. Basically, Caporal Chicken is to fried chicken as Polo Norte is to desserts.

Caporal Chicken is trying to cater to the Miami public by offering dishes that are popular today. Things like chicken and waffles with compound butters are on the menu, and after trying them I can say that they probably serve one of the best versions of this dish in the city. On top of that, you can also find a plethora of sides to choose from. Choices ranging from hand cut fries, to cole slaw, to macaroni salad are included with most meals, but sadly, I do not endorse them. Besides the rich and creamy cole slaw, I found the sides lacking, with flavorful but limp fries, and grainy and tasteless macaroni and cheese.

Although this place is not perfect, I know I will quickly become a regular. As I was walking out, the employees asked me what I thought of my food and seemed to take note of some suggestions I had. I left feeling that they will most likely take my comments into consideration to make for a better experience in the future. Besides, the prices are extremely reasonable (about $7 per person for a 3-piece chicken meal) and it is open 24 hours a day. Restaurants like these don’t open around this area too often, but I am glad Caporal Chicken decided on this location for its Floridian outpost.

Caporal Chicken

14616 SW 8 St, Miami, Florida 33184

By Food Blogger, Santiago Cardona

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