December 28, 2010

Food Tours Of Miami

I call this post food tours of Miami because in every neighborhood in this city the food offerings vary - and it is interesting to see that depends on which neighborhood you find yourself, all the food somehow relates to each other, like there are patterns, or at least that is what I see. So I put together this foodie tour of Miami so that you judge for yourself. It is amazing how many restaurants are in this city - there is always one opening and one closing down, I think there is a lot of restaurant turnaround in Miami or maybe it is because now I pay attention to this much more than before. Perhaps this happens in other cities as well, not sure - and would love to hear some feedback on that. This food tour that I put together is to give you an idea of what you can find in different parts of the city. Miami has a diverse culinary scene and I love to just walk around and watch (and taste) what is out there. From Ocean drive which I call it the "Ocean Drive Food Tour" to the "Biscayne Food Tour" I will be covering on this post and other posts to come a wider picture of what I will call the food tours of Miami.

Part #1 of food tours of Miami

The Ocean Drive foodie tour that I envision will not include dishes like the one you see below - this is HUGE! how come someone can keep walking if you eat one of these dishes? They are so big that I envision that a food tour will not be a walking food tour if you have to walk several blocks after eating this!

Cafe Cubano at Larios on the Beach

I would on the other hand sit down at Larios at the Beach and order a cortadito. This is a nice way to serve a cortadito, please note that you would not get this tray when asking for a cortadito anywhere on the Beach. I think they do this at Larios because it is an experience, when and where would you get serve a tray with warm milk, a little cup and amazing cafe Bustelo? Not in many places, believe me, I know South Beach. The food tour of Ocean drive is about to end right now because I will take you next to other parts of the city...

Pastelitos in Little Havana

I really enjoy when the food you are going to have is prepared on premises, I always ask this question at the eateries I frequent , well I only frequent them if the food they have is prepared by them otherwise I just keep moving. The photo below was taken at Roma Bakery in Little Havana. I love that he is putting so much care on the guava pastelitos he is doing, you can tell by his body language that he takes pastelito making serious.

Biscayne Blvd for empanadas Argentinas and Torrontes wine

There is not much out there that I enjoy the most than having a glass of superb Torrontes wine with a beef empanada. There are literally thousands of places to have empanadas in Miami, but the Argentine empanadas are my favorites... well, now that I have tried the ones at La Ventana (Colombian) empanadas, I might have to go with the Colombians but still I enjoy my beloved empanadas Argentinas.

Stay tuned for the next posts about food tours in Miami as I will take you to enjoy the different types of cuisine that you can find on all the different neighborhoods. If you have any questions or want to know exactly where to get the foods that I cover, go ahead, shoot us an email or write under comments, we are a pretty cool bunch and always respond to our readers.


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