March 20, 2011

El Rey De Las Fritas In Little Havana

I am in Little Havana quite often and I usually arrive very early to make sure everything goes smoothly at the Little Havana Food Tour. I love conducting this tour because after almost two years conducting the food tours in this neighborhood I know pretty much everyone here. When I arrive early I pay tribute to a place that is an institution here; El Rey De Las Fritas. I think this place is quite unique, I do not know of any other restaurant in Miami that has about 20 different types of sandwiches all posted in photos throughout the restaurant. Fritas are little french fries that come in a huge can, if you are at a Cuban restaurant and curious to see the can, look around the counters where they make the Cuban Sandwiches.

el rey de las fritas in little havana

Egg omelette sandwich

I ordered the egg omelette sandwich as this was the morning and I wanted some eggs of some sort. The whole experience at El Rey De Las Fritas is what I love; the waitress with a thick accent, the sandwich comes served in a plastic tray with a thin white paper underneath the sandwich - and the egg omelette sandwich comes right on time. The fries that you see inside are not from the big can I mentioned above, they actually make the potato fries themselves which you usually not going to get a Cuban cafeteria. The Cuban bread is soft, fresh and the temperature of the sandwich is just perfect - yes - a Frita has to have the perfect temperature to it, you do not want it cold and you do not want it too hot. I think I paid for this less than 6 bucks which is a steal in Miami.

El Rey de Las Fritas

1821 SW 8th St

Miami, FL 33135


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