March 20, 2011

El Pub Restaurant In Little Havana

For some reason every time I am around Cuban people I will comfortable, I fell they like me and I always can crack a conversation with anyone in Little Havana. I have been in the neighborhood regularly now for about 2 years - and I pretty much know everyone around Domino Park, from restauran owners to waitresses and waiters. There is something about Little Havana that feels familiar to me, maybe is the food, maybe is that sense of community - and what I enjoy the most is that people say hello and with a smile, they are happy to see me, I am happy to see them.

I go to Little Havana often because this is where I usually conduct the Little Havana Food Tour so I have a good relationship with the cigar factories, artist and everyone at the restaurants we visit with people at the tours. One place that my heart always melt when I talk about it is El Pub Restaurant because the owner, Heliodoro Coro, is a very nice person and at the age of 84 years old, he still is the one chopping the pork in the kitchen. He is gracious, welcoming and he has always a smile on his face eager to tell you about his day. I know that when I see Heliodoro he will be talking for about an hour, but I respect the elderly and although he will tell me the same stories over and over, I am there to listen because he deserves the respect that everyone does who has worked so much over the years, have given jobs to so many people - and his employees really love Heliodoro and that shows.

Breakfast at El Pub Restaurant

This order of flank stake, scramble eggs with fries was less than $10 and I swear that you could share this with someone else as it is huge. The meat is tender and has the charcoal flavor to it which to me is an indication of a good prepared flank stake. The sscramble eggs are hot and freshly prepared. I do not care for french fries in the morning but my friend who was having breakfast with me eat them all, nothing goes to waist.

El Pub Restaurant

1548 SW 8th St

Miami, FL 33135


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