February 23, 2015

Eats and Beats


Hosting an event the same week as The South Beach Wine and Food Festival is no easy task, but Eats and Beats managed to be on par with the competition by providing a night filled with incredible bites, libations, and atmosphere. Hosted in the historic Moore Building, Eats and Beats offered four complete floors of unlimited access. Music was pumping through the air, and the infectious ambiance of warm hospitality was transmitted through the venue.

There was a balanced ratio of food options to drink options, which is something that was quite distinct from other food events. Compared to other events that I have attended, the amount of offered drinks at Eats and Beats were scattered within easily accessible access, making for an atmosphere a bit livelier than what I am accustomed to in food events. Throughout the night, the atmosphere evolved from a classy food event to a full-blown party, embodying the Miami lifestyle that this city is so proud to adopt.

This year’s restaurant partners ranged from various local restaurants, providing food that is unique to Miami’s cultural realm. Such was the case with El Rey de La Paella namesake item and Havana 1957’s take on recognizable sandwiches. Their take on a standard Cuban sandwich was updated through the simple implementation of a fried pickle, making for a slight variation on a bite that most people living in the city have tasted before. Other partners included Miami all-stars such as Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant, Chef Pagano’s Naked Taco, and Red the Steakhouse. Although everything provided was quite enjoyable, a personal standout for me was Red the Steakhouse, as it served sliced steak (obviously) with a generous portion of creamed corn. The steak lived up to Red’s reputation as one of Miami’s best steakhouses, as it was served perfectly medium-rare with a simple seasoning that let the quality of the beef shine through.

The Beats portion of the event was well represented as well, as music flowed through the air, providing a perfect soundtrack to make your way through the night. Bumping tunes paraded out of the speakers, taking full advantage of The Moore Building’s perfect acoustics. If I had one criticism, it would be the amount of people that were at the event. There was a sense of overcrowding that could have been avoided, especially since the venue made for constant trips up and down stairs. Still, it was an event that was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and one that I hope forward to attending next year.

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