October 25, 2015

Divino Ceviche Brunch

Peruvian is not usually an option that comes to mind when you’re thinking about brunch, and Divino Ceviche in the Gables is trying to change that. By offering Peruvian takes on traditional brunch dishes, this restaurant in Coral Gables has already begun drawing a crowd on Sunday afternoons. The crowds are definitely warranted, seeing as the food is a wonderful variation of the dishes that we have all come to crave during Sunday mornings.


Take the Peruvian Chicken and Waffles, for instance. The chicken foregoes Southern inspiration and uses a panko breading to create a lighter and crunchier coating. The breading also works as a perfect sponge for the homemade syrup, making for the salty-sweet composition that Chicken and Waffles is so popular for. The best part of the dish is easily the waffle, made with sweet potato and squash. The potato and squash add moisture and rustic appeal to help the dish come full circle; if I were coming here for only one dish, it’d be this one.


The Huevos Peruanos were superb as well. Perfectly poached eggs are served atop a bed of tomatoes and chorizo and doused with huancaina sauce. Although this is an indulgent dish due to all its rich elements, the chefs have managed to balance the overall product through the use of local tomatoes and spices that help brighten everything up.  This delicious, albeit messy, dish has all the elements that help make brunch so delicious, eggs, sausage, and a creamy delicious sauce; I like to think of it as a unique take on Eggs Benedict.


I usually scoff at the trend of adding a fried egg to a traditional dish and calling it brunch, but the Lomito Satado con Huevos Fritos was absolutely incredible. Served on a sizable cast iron skillet, the tender steak is stir fried with potatoes, onions, cilantro, soy sauce, and garlic, flambéed with pisco in a wok, and topped with fried eggs. The lomito saltado as a brunch dish actually makes sense if you think about it, as it contains all the ingredients of a traditional steak and potato hash. Toped with the fried egg, this is stick to your ribs Peruvian goodness.


The prices at Divino Ceviche are astonishing considering the quality of the food that they are serving. No brunch dish is about $13, and most are served in ambitious portions that are meant to be shared. Including an all you can eat and drink ceviche madness with unlimited mimosas de maracuya, Divino Ceviche should be on your brunch radar immediately.


Divino Ceviche


2629 NW 79th Ave, Doral, FL 33122

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