February 23, 2015

DALeast Mural In Wynwood Doors

DALeast is an accomplished street artist who has graced the Wynwood Doors with an impressive work featuring a violent scene between a vicious antelope and his defensive brethren. The antelope opposing the angry animal sports a halo of light, bringing meaning to the work’s title, “Eclipse Of The Halo.” He uses light in his work sparingly, usually to convey something important.

The image is manifested through DALeast’s usual technique of spray painting figures constructed out of metallic wire with flailing metal pieces. His use of lesser prominent lines provide precise shadowing that bring his subjects to life not just three-dimensionally, but also with movement, invoking emotion and creating suspense. For these illusionary paintings he typically creates, it is incredible how he is able to portray such realistic beings and powerful emotions. The backdrop is bright yellow, as he often contrasts the wire in his works against a solid, colored background.

The painting itself was completed in half an hour, the fastest anyone has completed a Wynwood Door or Wall. As an admirer, one can only be impressed at this artist’s effortlessness, especially considering the intricacy of the work. His flurry, however, is the product of habit, a necessary skill in order to avoid arrest, especially because he lives in South Africa where law enforcement comes down hard on graffiti and street art, which is viewed as a nuisance and detriment to the public domain.

DALeast, who chooses not to divulge his birth name, is an experienced and multidimensional artist who has worked in various art mediums such as sculpture, digital art, painting, installation, and synchronized performance. He was born in China and currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife Faith47, who is also an artist. The two are both very spiritual and of DALeast’s creative process, Faith47 says he conceives his murals “spiritually, in the mind.”

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