January 03, 2022

Cuban Sandwich Recipe by Robyn Webb

Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich Recipe

This version of the Cuban sandwich is true Miami-style. There isn’t a slice of salami in sight as they do in Tampa! But we will let you decide your palate. If you want to sneak a slice or two of the slightly salty Italian meat into this recipe, we will keep your secret! Miami Cubans also askew the use of tomatoes and lettuce and if you add them, well, we might not be as forgiving! 


1 loaf Cuban bread, or the next best substitute is Italian bread. You will need 7 inches of it to form a sandwich


Yellow mustard ( do not use Dijon)

2-4 slices Swiss cheese 

Pickle slices

4 slices cooked ham

4 slices roasted pork or a pile of pulled pork ( technically the raw pork should be marinated at least 24-48 hours in mojo sauce which is a garlicky, olive oil, vinegar and herb based marinade. Then you roast the pork. You can purchase bottled mojo to do this or you can just use pork that has not been marinated) 

  1. Cut the 7 inch piece of Cuban bread in half lengthwise. Generously butter the outside of both bread halves.
  2. Spread yellow mustard in a thin layer over the bread slices
  3. Add slices of cheese to one side of the bread, layer on pickle slices (anywhere from 4-6).
  4. Add the ham slices to one side of the bread. Then pile on the roast pork.
  5. Place the top portion of the bread over all. 
  6. In a panini press or sandwich press, add the sandwich and press down until the sandwich is about one third of its original height. Cook until the sandwich is hot and the outside is crispy. The cheese should be melted. This will take about 6-7 minutes. 
  7. Cut the sandwich in diagonally half and serve hot. 

Recipe Credit: Robyn Webb

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