April 19, 2022

Coral Contemporary Gallery Announces Exhibition of Artist Maria Chiara Baccanelli, Opening May 19

Coral Contemporary Gallery Announces Exhibition of Artist Maria Chiara Baccanelli, Opening May 19

(Photo Credit: Coral Contemporary Gallery)

Coral Contemporary Gallery Announces Exhibition of Artist Maria Chiara Baccanelli, Opening May 19

The Argentinian abstract expressionist artist’s works reflect a striking spontaneity, distinguished by powerful colors

Miami (April 11, 2022) – Coral Contemporary Gallery will present an exhibition of Argentinian artist Maria Chiara Baccanelli on May 19, 2022. Titled Primamore, this exhibition reflects the striking spontaneity of Baccanelli’s work, characterized by powerful colors that decant into floral forests, explains art collector Amalia Amoedo. “The aroma of these bouquets comes off as in a sunny spring afternoon in the countryside and surpasses her creations, enthralling the viewer. This enchantment is also due to the strength that emerges from her canvases, thanks to a varied palette of bright, pleasant and energetic colors. To further enrich this experience, she adds ceramic sculptures of organic forms of exquisite elegance, recreating, in its entirety, a fantasy refuge where the power, appearance and light of color irrefutably prevail”, Amoedo says.

Founded by Isabel Tassara in 2018, Coral Contemporary Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that represents emerging and established artists worldwide. The gallery works as a commercial space to buy art as well as a place to enjoy different art shows. All exhibits are planned, and most works are site-specific for the space. The gallery works together with the artists to help them expand and show whatever they have on their minds. Tassara has over a decade of professional experience in galleries and global art fairs based in Argentina and in the United States.

“By providing a space to immerse the public into various forms of art, the gallery serves as a place to contemplate, acquire and connect the art and the viewer, while expanding their boundaries,” says Tassara. “I consider it extremely important to love the art that we show and nurture an effective and trustful relationship with the artists that we work with," she adds.

Located at 30 NW 34th Street in Midtown Miami, the gallery program not only includes exhibitions, but also Artist Talks, discussion panels and gallery lectures, all free and open to the public.

Coral Contemporary Art Gallery also has created the Coral Contemporary Store, which is an online platform to bring art closer to the public. The shopify store features artwork of over 30 emerging and established artists from all over the world.

About Coral Contemporary Gallery:

Coral Contemporary Gallery, located in Midtown Miami, and founded by Isabel Tassara in 2018, specializes in contemporary visual art from Latin America. The Gallery works with young and mid-career artists, and incorporates artists of great renown and trajectory, favoring the link particularly between Buenos Aires and Miami. The gallery works with a select group of artists, and manages the exhibition, sale, and promotion of their works. It offers private tours, dinners, and studio visits, with the intention of generating an experience through art with its clients. Coral Contemporary Gallery also has a unique educational program that aims to nurture and develop the relationship between art, viewer, and the community. Artist talks, discussion panels and conferences in the gallery are some of the actions that it develops. By providing a space to immerse the public in various forms of art, the gallery serves as a place to contemplate, acquire, and connect the art and the viewer, while expanding its boundaries.

About Isabel Tassara:

With a great family tradition linked to art and culture, Isabel Tassara made her way with professionalism and passion. She worked in various cultural institutions, museums and galleries in different parts of the world. After several educational and work experiences in Buenos Aires, she, Isabel, settles in the United States and completes a Master's in Museum Studies at the University of San Francisco. Since 2018, she resides in Miami. She is dedicated to the curation, selection and promotion of contemporary artists. Her search to expand art to other frontiers has led her to position Coral Contemporary Gallery both through her own space and in international fairs. Her genuine desire to know and transmit the work of great artists leads her to develop actions beyond the commercial aspect, such as artist talks, educational programs, art consultancies, development of experiences such as dinners and private tours. With a background in marketing, she is also always attentive to the development of image and design, recently incorporating to the physical gallery, the online store, Coral Store.

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