January 27, 2014

Here Comes the Neighborhood - Wynwood

Here's a compilation of interviews ranging from Tony Goldman to several Wynwood mural artists.

Here Comes the Neighborhood Video

We’re sitting in the center of the Wynwood Walls, a creation out of six warehouse buildings and a parking lot. I said “Let’s take street art and create an international outdoor musuem”. Imagine all of Wynwood being the outdoor museum and this just being the town center. If you paint energy and creativity, you’re sending out electricity and imagery that elevates.

The Wynwood Walls project has got some of the best artists doing work outdoors, it encourages a culture of participation - the idea that art is for everyone, it’s not just for the elite.

The art form in graffiti can elevate a blighted neighborhood. Even on a crappy wall with broken glass and junkies and syringes, there’s a little sign of hope there that somebody has a spark of imagination.

Well, I have seen a lot of big graffiti projects but I think we’re past 30-something artists. This area here in Wynwood represents the coming-of-age of graffiti and street art and its appreciation by a wide range of people.

Now, we’re at a point where there is no rules, there is no laws - that’s the beauty of it, it’s evolved.

It’s always been something that people have gotten together and celebrated, this is just another level of it.

You’re not thinking of one show to the next, you’re thinking about years to come.

This can happen anywhere. Pump energy into the streets - that’s game-changing.

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