March 28, 2010

Churros With Sugar In Little Havana Without The Dulce De Leche (but With Extra Attitude) Why?

churros in little havana, miami, florida

I embark on Miami food tours adventures all of the time, pack my camera and I am out the door. You never know who you meet on the streets and when it comes to food, people are usually very happy to share their stories. I love recording small eateries, bakeries, kiosks, hot dog stands, burger trucks, ice cream vans, etc. etc. I am even attracted to gas station food markets! - just to see what is in there for me is a foodie tour adventure like no other. Food stories and foodie places are my escape from real life, like alcoholics with the next drink I would imagine. The thing is that I love to do this so much that I am now falling into the crack addict category (food world people). I find it so from the heart when people are willing to share with me their food stories, the passion they have for what they do... Well, not in this case with the Churros people.

I approached this Churros stand when I went to a food tour adventure (one of the millions I do) to Little Havana. But right at the beginning these people didn't like me - maybe they thought the jewelry I was wearing screamed all over "spoiled Argentinean" I don't know, maybe my accent? why would they? =), well, they did not like me or better to say, they did not receive me like others with a smile, well maybe they just had a fight or something (who cares).

But I put my camera right where the action was (maybe I should have asked if I could shoot them, my bad) and took this video. They are definitely not very good in promoting their little churro business, I mean, if you are not approachable and you are selling churros on the street and you are not nice to people (even annoying people), then I would recommend that they sell churros online so they wouldn't have to interact with people, but then, they did not look like the type that goes home and sits on their MACs.

The thing here was that it says  "Churros de dulce de leche" and I was wondering where the dulce de leche was. I got an answer from... (I have to cut this post, it is getting too long) - care to see? watch the video.

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