January 30, 2010

Hong Kong House Chinese Restaurant In North Miami

Chinese Food - The quest for the best Chinese restaurant

Chinese food take out or delivery is one of those things that I never expect to be a brilliant experience but is a necessity to know which Chinese restaurant has decent food in your neighborhood. There are very few dishes I could have from a Chinese menu because I always think they use the cheapest oil, probably the lethal canola oil so I usually go for dumplings which by the way is one of my favorite foods.

The Hong Kong House restaurant in North Miami is a pretty decent restaurant and cheap so when I do not feel like cooking or when I have one of those oh so bad hangovers, I call this place. They usually deliver pretty quick.

Dumplings In Chicken Broth

Dish Name: Dumplings In Chicken Broth
Price: $5.95

I was not able to finish this soup because I couldn't stand the thickness of the dumpling dough. It was quite flavorless but it is usually a warm up for the rest of the dishes. At the end of the day the name of the dish is pretty self explanatory, it is a broth. I wonder if they buy it or make the broth themselves.

crispy chinese noodles

What are these crispy noodles for? I always wonder. I wouldn't soak these noodles in the broth, they would become soft (Eew).

Pork Dumplings from Hong Kong House

Dish: Pork Dumplings
Price: $7.95

This was hilarious because when I tasted that sauce you see on the pic it was actually ketchup! well, ketchup with something, not sure what else it had, but tasting the ketchup was enough for me to never try it again. The pork dumplings were quite nice, juice inside and the dough was perfectly cooked and had the elasticity you expect from a good dumpling.

You are probably wondering where is the soy sauce type of sauce that dumplings usually come with. I think they forgot to add it because I could not find it on the paper bag where it was delivered in. I always have soy sauce at home.

Hong Kong House

955 NE 125th St
North Miami, FL 33161
(305) 891-3111
See map for location
Cuisine Type: Chinese

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