April 17, 2010

Why Did I Even Bother? The Cheesecake Factory In Fort Lauderdale

So I get into my car and drive to the Cheesecake Factory in Fort Lauderdale where I am suppoed to meet someone for a lunch-business meeting - well I met no one really as I sat there for 45 minutes and this person never showed up (nice).  In his defense, he mentioned he confused the date on his schedule. I did not intend to eat at the cheescake Factory (I am usually not a fan of such commercial, chain restaurants), but it was an easy spot to meet -  the wait was long and could not help myself so I started the food ordering frenzy.

First misted Avocado roll and because I was not getting my usual rush of "mmhh this is good, interesting, exciting, favorful, creative, talent is on the house" - I kept ordering appetizer after appetizer and frankly the food was so... I guess that if you are a turist from Germany (I had a table right next to me with happy faces while they ingested all sorts of gigantic fried dishes). For a second I thought, maybe this is what they think about the States, we eat everything fried and over-sized that's why we are all so "fat" (I hear that a lot among people here, remember, I live in Miami and feels like 90% of of the people are from somewhere else and are so opinionated about why the rest of the country is "oh so large"). Add to that the obsession most Latin woman have with being fat and comments start to get nasty -  I am Latin and I do not like oversize fat people but I do not judge with nastiness as I used to when I was younger. Well, maybe because I have gained 10 pounds in the last 6 months - I know, it's sad but oh so worth it.

Avocado rolls at the cheescake factory

Avocado Eggrolls

"Avocado, Sun-Dried Tomato, Red Onion and Cilantro Fried in a Crisp Wrapper. Served with a Tamarind-Cashew Dipping Sauce." Sounds good? Yeah - but you really get that after taste of over used fried oil - sorry to ruin the picture for you.

Spicy Ahi Tempura Roll at the cheescake factory

Spicy Ahi Tempura Roll

Fresh Raw Ahi Tuna with Green Onion, Spicy Soy Sauce, Ginger and Garlic. Wrapped in Nori and Flash Fried Tempura Style. No, no, no - the roll inside was too soft, almost to the point that if you were to hold one piece in the air, it will drip from your fingers. Got the idea?

Thai Lettuce Wraps at the Cheescake Factory

Thai Lettuce Wraps

Create Your Own Thai Lettuce Rolls - Satay Chicken Strips, Carrots, Bean Sprouts, Coconut Curry Noodles and Lettuce Leaves with three delicious Spicy Thai Sauces – Peanut, Sweet Red Chili and Tamarind-Cashew.
Now here with this dish things are getting nasty, this was absolutely horrifying - period. No accent flavors, all a big blah, maybe I don't know how to pick the ingredients, but the noodles were tasteless, like plastic strips. The lettuce? they were the soft kind! - please if you want me to make a wrap with lettuce at least deliver something with a little bit more sturdiness to it.

The Cheesecake Factory

600 East Las Olas Boulevard,
Fort Lauderdale

(954) 463-1999

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