December 27, 2010

Cheese Course, Midtown Miami

I used to frequent this place a lot, and although I am not in Midtown Miami as much as I used to be, the Cheese Course is one of those places I'll always think about. This place is a great addition to the neighborhood to this rather new area in downtown Miami. My mom loved this place when she was here the last time, and if you are somehow familiar with my blog posts, you'll know what I have said about my mom...

But if my mom likes this place, I can tell you the Cheese Course is good, because she can spot quality like nobody else does, not sure why my mom has that 6th sense when it comes to food, she seems to know everything, she is endlessly inlove with that ultimate dining experience, she is the type that finds happiness with a glass of Torrontes wine, a far away land-type of  cuisine, impeccable service, chef in the house - and then... just like me; "take everything we have, we just don't care."

Anyways, one quick note, my mom only got some of their best French cheese at the Cheese Course, she never had a sandwich or salad. My mom doesn't like to sit at places without having a dedicated server and the Cheese Course works that you order your food at the register and then someone will deliver at your table, you never get to know who serves you - and my mom doesn't necessarily like that - but she got some of the best cheese at this place and we had it at home with French baguette and a glass of wine. We kept making all these strange noises as we savor a very pungent French cheese.

w/ Parmigiano-Reggiano & homemade croutons

Nice. The salad is big and the dressing? quite tasty - of course nobody in Miami nails a caesar dresssing like my mother does, is like they are all so scared that it will resemble too much of anchovies taste, but people; a caesar salad should have a strong anchovies taste... Hello, am I the only one in this city that thinks this way?

OMELETTE Sandwich w/Bacon

This was a self made sandwich, they do not have it on the menu but I ordered their omelette sandwich with bacon, I just think bacon adds fun to my life and to my sandwich. The bread is really good here, not sure if they make it, actually I don't think they do but still as I can count with only one had the places that have good bread in Miami, the Cheese Course is one of those. You will agree with me that every ingredient is of good quality - if you know good food of course.

Cheese Course

3451 NE 1 AVE #100 (Midtown Miami), Miami, FL 33137

p. 786-220-6681

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