May 10, 2017

Say Ah For Ceviche- Summers Go To Dish Made Easy By Chef Carlos Estarita at DÔA

A quintessential summer dish, ceviche is a classic with very few variations in its preparation. Inspired by DÔA’s LatAsian cuisine, Executive Chef Carlos Estarita adds ginger and celery to the restaurant’s Ceviche Traditional for an improved approach of the common traditional recipe.

Using only fresh market fish and leche de tigre base, he combines lime juice, garlic, red onions, cilantro stems, aji limo with no seeds, ginger, celery, kosher salt and ice for a deliciously refreshing taste.

Ceviche traditional

Always use fresh market fish.

Leche de tigre base

· 250g lime juice

· 8g garlic

· 6g ginger

· 50g red onion

· 6ea cilantro stems

· 30g celery

· 3ea aji limo no seeds

· 9g kosher salt

· 110g fish

· 210g ice


· Get all veggies and fish trim and cut into small rough chunks, season with salt

· Keep mix in bowl over ice. (must remain cold at all times.

· Squeeze lime juice. (first press only)

· Add lime juice to mix and add ice let marinate for about 5min.

· Puree mix in about half of the liquid but only pulse about 3-5 times

· Strain with chinois and combine with rest of liquid.

· Leche de tigre is ready, keep cold at all times

To finish ceviche:

Diced raw fish season well with sea salt
Let sit for approx. 2 min
Add chopped cilantro and aji limo
Add leche de tigre to cover fish and let sit for approx. 2 min
Place in bowl and garnish with canchas, choclo, sweet potato and red onion


Information provided by Heidi Malaret, TARA, Ink.

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