March 18, 2014

Broadway Bagels

bagels in Miami

If you have the pleasure of talking to anyone from New York about breakfast, you will quickly learn one thing: they are undoubtably proud of their bagels, and they will claim that there is no way that you can get something better outside of the city. Basically, they feel the same way about their bagels like we feel about our Cuban food. I would have probably disregarded this statement before making it out to NYC, but I can't say that I've found anything better than what I had there every morning during my trip. Some claim its the water, but whatever it is, they sure know how to make bagels. Still, for those New Yorkers that find themselves in Miami, there are some fine bagels scattered throughout our city. Although you can't find them without knowing where to look, I am going to suggest you try one of my favorite restaurants to go to.

Like any fine bagel shop, Broadway Bagels is a tiny hole in the wall that makes their bagels every morning on premises. You will find a good amount of flavors, ranging from your obligatory everything to your more unusual pumpernickel (which is very well made, by the way). If you just want to pick up some bagels, there is counter service, but those looking for a sit-down breakfast can find that as well. The service is your typical diner service. Some people may love and some people may hate it. Personally, I come here so much that I am treated very well every time I come. Although I have had diner breakfast items here (pancakes, waffles, omelets, etc), I find myself returning here for the bagels.

These bagels are a textbook example of what they should be. Over here, you're definitely getting more than just a piece of bread with a hole in the middle (which is what you'll typically find). They offer a crunchy exterior with a chewy center, using the perfect amount of salt to provide flavor that will stand on its own. They are a light brown color and the perfect size to eat for breakfast without leaving you with that overstuffed feeling. Those with toppings have the perfect amount on them, unlike other bagel shops that are sometimes too generous to where the bagels are overly flavorful/salty or just plain-tasting. Although the bagels can stand on their own, you'd make a mistake if you didn't try some of their cream cheeses, especially the salmon-flavored one. They are extremely generous with their serving size and the flavors are reminiscent of a lox and bagel breakfast sandwich.

If you're up for a more hearty breakfast, I recommend the McBagel, which is basically a breakfast sandwich on one of their bagels. Although it comes with perfectly cooked eggs, cheese, and bacon, I request sausage instead. Either way, the sandwich is one of my favorite things to start the day with.

If you're craving something that is as close to a NYC bagel as you will find in Miami, I suggest you come to Broadway Bagels. Not only will you find yourself with a new breakfast spot, but maybe we can get our city to start being proud of something new. Because a sense a pride in Miami is never a bad thing.

Broadway Bagels

13854 sw 88 st

Miami, FL 33186

By Food Blogger Santiago Cardona

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