June 18, 2014


brewskis In a city slowly becoming inhabited by World of Beer locations, Brewskis is a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against World of Beer. I’m the first to admit that my love for craft beer began at the easily recognizable chain, but ever since the booming micro brew scene began to gain popularity, going to a World of Beer has become a sort of a pain. Go on any night past eight and you’ll be hard pressed to find a place to sit, let alone have a conversation. By I regress; I’m not here to talk about my issues with World of Beer, but instead to bring praises to a local hangout. And that is, in fact, what Brewskis is.

Brewskis is a neighborhood bar that is informed about the craft beer movement in ways that other local places have yet to reach. Here, you can find things on tap that would otherwise take weeks and sometimes even months to get other restaurants that boast about their beer selection. Although Brewskis understands that it is miles above other places in the area, it keeps a low-key vibe that somehow attracts me to it even more. Because of its low-key attitude, you will never come to Brewskis and have to squeeze to make it from one side of the room to the other. This is what allows Brewskis to produce the types of events that it does. Every Wednesday of the month, Brewskis offers a beer tasting for $20 that includes samples of a dozen beers and ends with free pizza ordered from Power Pizza down the block. Not only is this an incredible deal, but it also promotes interaction between patrons in a way that leads to a communal feeling.

Growlers are containers that can be filled with beer by breweries or bars. You may be asking yourself why a person would see this as beneficial when they can just buy bottles. The reason is the freshness factor. Bars with kegs that are on constant rotation are almost guaranteed to have beer that is a couple of weeks old at the most based on their distributors. Also, some companies do not bottle their brews, so growlers allow for a person to enjoy that certain company’s beer at home. While growlers are usually found at breweries, Brewskis is one of the only bars in Miami in which you can fill a growler. You can purchase a Brewskis growler and fill it with a 20% discount from what it would cost you to get the beer at the bar in a glass.

Although I have nothing against places like World of Beer, I enjoy Brewskis even more. It seems more personal, more genuine, and just more fun.


5835 Sunset Dr,
Miami, FL 33143
(305) 397-8125

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona

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