October 26, 2012

Blue Collar Restaurant

Chef Daniel Serfer is putting some serious love in his cuisine. The Blue Collar can be easily missed if you are driving down Biscayne Blvd. but is one of those restaurants that you will not forget once you try it. I was driving down Biscayne to meet Mirka at Harry's Pizzeria but have heard that the Blue Collar was an excellent little spot and as I have never tried it before, I texted Mirka "how about Blue Collar." I got an answer right away from her "let's do it."

I parked the car right outside, I love the place because it is just such a random place. It is located at what could have been the entrance of a motel on Biscayne (you know those places_, but once you step into the restaurant the aromas and smiles from the girl who works the tables is absolutely comforting. I love the seating, modern chairs with wood tables. The place is small but you just have to wait for the first bite and you will soon know there are very few places like this one in Miami.

We met on a Tuesday lunch (yes, that is one of the perks you get by working in the hospitality industry, you get random days/times off). I waited for Mirka but already our waitress (which I suspect is the chef's wife) came and greet me at the table (I like that). Mirka came right after and we took a look at the menu which it is easy to read, you pretty much get a selection of salads and sandwiches but then they have a section that are all small veggie places for $4. Now that is a deal when you try the amazing flavors the chef can get out of a simple mushroom.

blue collar restaurant

Chef Salad $11

I ordered the chef salad which was iceberg, serrano, chicken, manchego, robusto cheese, egg, and red wine vinegar. This was one of the best salads I have ever had. The serrano ham complemented the entire dish adding that pinch of salt that you expect from serrano withut being overpowering. The vinaigrette (this chef know his vinaigrette) was smooth, rich, salty but not too salty and bold. I could have had three of this salad in one afternoon, that's how good it was.

Ricky's Cordon Bleu Sandwich $13

There are no words really to describe this sandwich made with crispy chicken (super crispy in the outside, juicy in the inside), serrano ham, manchego cjeese, onions, lettuce, dijon mustard.  I am not a huge a huge fan of chocken sandwiches to be honest but this sandwich took me by surprise. When I took the first bite I literally had to take a moment for my brain to register the amazing flavors. The different textures of this sandwich was so well panned out. I felt like walking straight into the kitchen area, gran Chef Daniel hands and just kiss them but hey, I know how to behave, plus I had already two glasses of wine. The sandwich came with a generous side salad which was equally delicious.

Blue Collar Restaurant

Upper East Side

6730 Biscayne Blvd Map.8060f72

Miami, FL 33138

(305) 756-0366

By Miami Food Critic, Grace Della

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