March 28, 2017

Bitter Truth’s Springing New Cocktails - Nice Drinks And Live Music In The Heart Of Midtown

March 27, 2017 – Miami – Located in the shops of Midtown, Bitter Truth has made quite an impression since its grand opening in November 2016. The newest kids on the block have once again raised the bar with their new additions to the springtime cocktail menu. Bringing old school hip hop and live local musicians together with some off the most refreshing drinks in the game this spring, Bitter Truth is the place to be.

First up is the Pink Sangria. It's perfect for spring, and who doesn’t love tasty Sangria in Miami? They’ve decided to keep the Truth Serum because of it’s popularity but for a lighter and more refreshing spring option were moving forward with the "Pink Sangria". It's a blend of Orange, Peach, and Apple Liqueurs along with some Pamplemousse to compliment the Rose and White Zinfandel base. To top it off, grapefruit soda is added as effervescence with a bit of a bitter bite to counter the sweetness. It's served in a wine glass over ice and frozen grapes, and garnished with apple slices and grapefruit wheel. Delicious.

The next crafty cocktail is one of the tequila options, which have been getting a lot of attention. It is called the “The Black Market”. Though its looks might be deceiving, the idea behind it is to play with the guest’s perception of what it will actually taste like. It's made with Espolon Tequila, Lime Juice, Spiced Mango, and Smoked Bitters and shaken with Oregano. What gives it its color is the activated charcoal, which we process the tequila through to give it a dark black color and subtle gritty flavor at the end. Though it doesn't look it, it is very surprisingly refreshing, and great for spring.

“Amaretto Bitter” is the final addition to Bitter Truth cocktail menu. It’s a well-known cocktail but with a Bitter Truth twist. By replacing the sugar with Zucca, it brings a mixture of bitter and sweet taste together. The use of Zucca, rather than sugar in this cocktail, allows the sweetness everyone loves from the "Amaretto Sour" to come through, but still have the bitterness and rhubarb/herbal flavors present for a new and refreshing enjoyable finish. To top it off egg white is also added for a nice body and froth.

The Bitter Truth Spring cocktails have been masterminded by The Cocktail Cooperative, a group that believes that the relationship and the experience are just as important as the talent behind the craft. The Cocktail Cooperative is focused on an innovative, fresh and upscale hospitality experience at the local, affordable and neighborhood level.

About Bitter Truth
Bitter Truth is a speakeasy created by some of Miami's master mixologists with a passion for hospitality, nice drinks and local music. The operating partners have worked together for years and came together to give Miami a close-up, behind the bar mixology experience where guests will be schooled on how to craft the perfect cocktail. Bitter Truth is located at The Shops at Midtown: 3252 NE 1st Ave, #124, Miami, FL 33137.

Bitter Truth

3252 NE 1st Ave #124

Miami, FL 33137

Information provided by Melissa Lopez, Identity Media, Inc

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