March 21, 2011


I stop at Bertoni when I have no other options, I like this place but I am not a huge fan about their food because one time I ordered the Faina pizza and I took a bite on my way home as I was starving but it was so salty that I had to turn back, got off my car, stormed inside the place and said "this is way to salty" - they immediately apologized, grab the box out of my hand and gave me something else. After that episode every time I see this place I cringe but today I was craving dulce de leche ice cream and I told my husband that we needed to make a stop or I was going to go into convulsions. Yes, I have to be dramatic because otherwise he wouldn't stop. But as soon as I got out of the car he asked me to get him a slice of pizza.

pizza at bertoni in Aventura

Regular cheese pizza

I ordered a small pizza and forgot about the dulce de leche ice cream. They have a nice brick oven and within 10 minutes my pizza was ready. It was good, I ate 4 slices within 5 blocks on the car and although my husband doesn't like me eating in the car, this time I was lucky because he didn't say anything, well all he said was to please leave him half of it which I did. I could have had the entire pizza by myself but half belong to him. This is not the best pizza in the world but for $11 bucks I think it is a fair price for what you get.


15180 Biscayne Boulevard

North Miami Beach, FL 33160



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