January 07, 2013

Life It's So Much Better At Barton G The Restaurant

I recently went with Mirka to Barton G The Restaurant - and I have to say; WOW (yes capital letters all the way). You know by now that I don't write my blog posts "editorial style." I just tell you like it is in plain (sometimes less than perfect) English.  But let me try to get the point across here because the experience at Barton G was by far the best dinning experience I had in a very long time (period). By the way, I love Chef Jeff O'Neill, he is one of the top chefs in Miami and when you try his cuisine you'll know why locals gave him the title.

We walked into the restaurant and the bartender was right away aware of our presence - and you know what? That doesn't happen too often in Miami. The drinks at Barton G are famous, in fact, people from all of the world come to this place to try  the drinks so I choose the one I have heard lately that is the "must have."



This was a drink for the royalty or at least that's how I felt when I was drinking it. Think about ruby red vodka pops with ruby red grapefruit juice and fresh (I mean the freshest) grapefruit. This drink was smooth yet you were able to get a kick out of it in terms of feeling the alcohol which is how I like my drinks. I do not like to be served a drink that is all juice and no fun, this drink had the perfect combination of alcohol and everything else - and it certainly opened my appetite. By the time we finished our drinks at the bar I was ready to sit down at our table. We got our table right away so I know they have things together in the backend.


Boarnie Madoff's Buckets of Bones

These ribs were insanely delicious. I love the name by the way, who wouldn't? - but I think only an exceptional culinary creative mind can come with such dishes and follow up with being exquisite up to the last bite, at Barton G you get both, not only every dish has a side story that gets your mind going but they pair it with some of the best quality ingredients and masterly techniques - the result - Barton G is not only a place where you get a theatrical experience, they have the food to back it up.
We added this restaurant as one of the recommended places to dine in Miami Beach on our booklets that we hand out at the end of all our culinary tours. Barton G The Restaurant is a place for serious foodies who want to experience more than great cuisine and have a happy time (that's me).

Barton G The Restaurant

1427 West Ave

Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 672-8881
By Miami Food Critic, Grace Della

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