February 02, 2011

Balans On Biscayne Blvd

I have to confess that since American Noodle Bar since they opened right across the street from Balanas, I never looked back, but one time when my mom was in town we went to Balans because my mom is old style, she is wired to think that if it looks fancy, then it must be good. So we head down to Balans on Biscayne and I am always skeptical when are restaurant serves what they call now a days "international cuisine" and they have one dish from a thousand different cultures. Maybe I'm wrong but this is what comes to mind when I remember Balans and looking at their menu. It was not recent that I was there, I think it was probably a year ago although I remember what I ordered vividly.


I ordered the potstickers because I have an infatuation with dumplings, anything wrapped in dough will keep me happy.  I love Asian cuisine, any type works for me; Chenesse, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai... you name it.

I have to say these were very tasty. I like them when they have some tender corners and then crispy on the top, just like you see on the picture. The sauce that came with it was also fairly good for a restaurant that will never strike you as serving good Asian dishes. It was tangy, sweet and with a mild punch. I chugged these down pretty quick but nothing else on the menu tempted me. I just kept chatting with my mom which she have gotten some Indian spices and we were opening them and smelling them and my mom kept me entertained telling me what dishes she would cook with them. All in all, Balans is fair, the service is professional and the ambiance is nice.


6789 Biscayne Boulevard

Miami, FL 33138


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