August 26, 2014

Argentina’s Freddo to open its US Flagship Store on Lincoln Road

freddo ice cream

Freddo, since 1969, the Argentinean leader in premium helado, an ice cream-gelato hybrid that offers consumers the best of both treats, has been as much a part of the Argentinean identity as grass fed cattle, Malbec and tango. Now, the iconic brand is setting its sights on South Florida, with plans to open its flagship store on Miami Beach at 610 Lincoln Road in September/October 2014. An Argentinean cult favorite, Freddo is currently available in six South American countries and the United Kingdom in more than 150 stores, and its first US location in Charleston, South Carolina will open in late August.

“What Jello® is to gelatin, Freddo is to helado in Argentina”, offered CEO Sergio Gratton. “We are very excited to launch our brand here and consider Miami Beach to be the perfect location for our Florida flagship. Here at the crossroads of Americas we can cater to people who grew up with Freddo, introduce new consumers to the brand and entice the large health conscious public with our lighter, low calorie flavors.” The store’s location in the heart of Lincoln Road – Miami Beach’s world-famous shopping and dining mecca – should do much to hasten that goal. The store will boast outdoor café seating for 30, a sleek modern interior and clever wall mounted illustrations that explain the artisanal process behind the creation of the helado to a steady stream of locals and visitors.

Freddo’s success for more than 45 years in Argentina lies in its uncompromising commitment to the highest quality ingredients – from fresh hormone-free milk, pure cane sugar, fruits and the finest natural and raw ingredients. Freddo’s helados are completely free of trans fats, and devoid of artificial flavorings, colorants, preservatives or added vegetable fats. To ensure quality control, all Freddo helado sold in the United States is made in South America and shipped under strict protocols.

Thirty flavors will debut at the South Beach store when it opens next month, including dulce de leche, chocolate, cream, sorbet and light flavors. Among the most popular specialty flavors are Grand Dulce de Leche – helado with whole almonds, pecans, golden raisins and caramel; Zabaione and green apple sorbet. Customers can enjoy their Freddo in a cup or cucurucho (waffle cone). Also on the menu will be Freddinos – Freddo’s combination of creamy helado blended with coffee; TriFreddo – a unique blend of three layers of artisanal helado with up to three toppings or syrups; Smoothies – a refreshing combination of fruit sorbet with fruit syrup and artisanal helado; and Sundaes – two helado flavors combined with up to three delicious toppings or syrups. For those who want to share their Freddo with friends and family, to-go quart size (32 oz.) packs will be available for purchase.

Get the scoop this fall at 610 Lincoln Road, more information at; phone and store hours to be announced shortly.

Who is Freddo?

Since 1969, Freddo has served as the leader in “Helado” (premium artisanal gelato from Argentina) with more than 140 stores in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and the United Kingdom. Freddo’s products are created from fresh high-quality raw materials delivered daily to its main factory in Buenos Aires. Each day, one of Freddo’s original employees, aptly named the ‘maestro heladero’ (ultimate ice-cream master), develops and tests each flavor and product to ensure the highest quality and consistency with each batch. From there, the products are packaged and shipped from Buenos Aires to Miami’s shores.

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