May 04, 2014

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

Anthony's Coal Fired

When stepping into Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, hearing the words Dan Marino, Eggplant, Philadelphia, Radio, and Beer all in one sentence may completely unrelated, but such is not the case when here. This rapidly expanding corporate chain serving a mix of pizza and hearty Italian fare is local to South Florida and has grown in popularity within the past couple of years. Just as the name would suggest, the main draw here is the pizzas baked in coal fired ovens. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza claims that this method of cooking will lead to some charring and well-prepared pies, warning that their pizzas is not in fact burned, as others claim. In my opinion, their ovens of choice create delectable pieces of pizza art, giving you a smoky flavor and crisp crust. The toppings are always applied generously, enough to sometimes be excessive, which is something that I wish I could say about more pizzerias. Do not come here with false expectations though, as this pizza is nothing like New York style. Instead of having a cracker like crust with tangy sauce and an even layer of mozzarella cheese, the pizza at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza sports a charred dough reminiscent of focaccia with minimal sauce, abundant cheese, and toppings that will sometimes make the pizza droop from how many are on there. It leads to a very satisfying meal, but one where two slices should be enough to suffice as an entrée.

The selection is when it comes to their creations are ambitious and work no matter which one you choose. Choices range from the Eggplant Marino, The Paul and Young Ron, the Philly Cheesesteak, and the Roasted Cauliflower Pizza. All are delicious, but you cannot go wrong with anything containing the meatballs or the sausage. Both are prepared in house and give enough extra moisture and flavor to the already tasty pie to bring it to the next level. For my vegetarian (or more adventurous) friends, I recommend the Cauliflower Pizza, which may sound off-putting at first, but may be one of the best surprises I’ve found on any menu in the past few years. It contains roasted cauliflower with olive oil and garlic, romano and mozzarella cheese, topped off with bread crumbs. The cauliflower itself is heavily peppered, starting with a pungent bite that eventually mellows out with the help of the sweet romano. The piece de resistance is the toasted breadcrumbs, which further the crunchy texture of the slightly charred cauliflower, leading to a contrast in flavors and textures that have me picking this pie over anything containing meat.

I’m not one to typically suggest a chain over a local restaurant, but seeing as Anthony’s started in South Florida and is serving well prepared pizza is enough for me to crave them from time to time. The food is consistent from location to location and the service is usually on point, making me believe that we should be proud that Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza started in our neck of the woods.

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

12502 SW 88th St Miami, FL 33186

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona

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